Camp History

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert had a long, rich history that stretches back to 1909, when William Blake first founded Blake Camp on the Lake Hubert site.  Take a journey back in time with us as we tell you the history of what is known today as Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert!

1909: William Blake of Minneapolis establishes Blake Camp as a reward for boys who achieved stringent academic goals through the year at The Blake School in Hopkins, Minnesota.

1918: Blake Camp hired a couple of students from Carleton College on staff.  One of them was Brownie Cote, who developed a passion for a quality camp experience.

1923:  Brownie Cote purchases Blake Camp and changes the name to Camp Lincoln and thus began a long career of camping excellence.

1926:  Chuck Everett joins the Camp Lincoln  team, and a few years later, Fred Rogers come on board, forging a partnership with Brownie that would endure more than half a century and develop a nationally recognized camp program.

1927:  A piece of property on the south side of Lake Hubert was purchased and quickly Camp Lake Hubert for Girls opened. Grace Rogers becomes director and guides Camp Lake Hubert for 30 years.

1968:  Sam Cote, Brownie’s son joins the camp full-time to continue the tradition of camping excellence at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.

1970:  Bill Jones joins the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Family.  Sam and Bill develop a partnership that lasts over 50 years.

1997:  Ruggs Cote, Sam’s son, joins Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert full-time, carrying on the Cote Family Tradition.

2009:  Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert celebrate 100 YEARS OF CAMPING EXCELLENCE!

2013:  The Legacy Continues…