Traditional Camp

Four and Eight Week Camps Our four and eight week traditional camps, with a legacy dating back to our founding days in the early 1900’s, are the cornerstone of our overall camp offerings for boys currently in grades 2nd through 9th. This experience features a very well rounded approach to camp program and activities. While at camp during his stay, a young man will develop new and exciting technical skills in activities, earn specific skill level awards, participate in special theme days, experience off-camp wilderness trips, form life-long friendships and most importantly, have fun. Campers choose their own activities (from over 30 land and water activities), then continue or chose other activities for the next 3 days. We value safety, respect and selflessness towards others; and offer a supporting environment where campers can become stronger in body, keener in mind, more appreciative of nature, nobler in character and more confident in themselves. Three Week Camp Our Three Week Camp provides the opportunity for campers to gain more time at camp, but whose summer schedule may not allow participation in our four or eight week camp. This experience features a well rounded approach to the camp experience, with campers participating in additional activity choices and signup blocks, thus allowing more time for expanding interests and for increasing skill development. Three Week campers may also choose to participate in some of the hiking, canoeing, backpacking and other adventure trips. As in all our sessions, we value safety, respect and selflessness toward others; and strive to create a community that fosters personal growth and development, excellence, quality relationships… and fun. Two Week Camp The Two Week Camp offer an introductory camp experience for boys currently in 2nd through 6th grade. These two week camps also work well for those boys that may have difficulty fitting a longer term experience into their summer calendar. Two week campers sign up for their own activities, live in our spacious, log-style cabins, and participate in two Special Days, similar to the longer term campers. The Two Week schedule is intentionally designed to allow the campers to experience many of the traditions of camp, including:
  • Campfires.
  • Camping out in a tent.
  • Camp songs, beats, and chants.
  • 30+ land and water activities – sports, arts, wilderness, and more.
  • Friends from all over the USA and the world!
Campers develop and grow at camp, learning life skills such as independence, leadership and responsibility. The focus of camp values, along with the activity skill development, means this camp has much of the traditional camp experience packed into a two week calendar.