Photos and Email

We are proud to unveil our new camp database, photo, and email system!  Starting this summer, we have partnered with CampMinder and CampInTouch to streamline our entire camp database. Not only does CampMinder make it much easier to send emails to your campers and view photos of your children enjoying their camp experience, but you will also be able to enroll for, fill out your information, and make payments for Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert very easily! Below is a list of some of the features you will be able to take advantage of as a part of CampMinder and CampInTouch: - Streamlined email correspondence with your camper(s) - Better organized and higher quality photo viewing options - A way to share your pictures with friends and family by creating free guest accounts - Quickly update your contact information - Enroll your campers with ease for future summers - Make hassle-free payments online with the click of a button - The ability to access ALL of your information in ONE ACCOUNT with a simple username and password that you create - And more! In order to set up your personalized account username and password, please follow these simple steps: 1) Click on the link below. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you will need do disable it for this site. If you have campers at both camps, CampMinder will group all of your information into your personalized profile. You will not need to worry about creating multiple profiles for both camps. 2) When directed to the CampInTouch login page, please click on the "Retrieve/Set Password" link in the bottom right of the blue box. 3) Enter the email address you used when enrolling for camp this summer. 4) Shortly after you submit your email address, you will receive an email with instructions about how to log in to and set up your account. 5) Enjoy the new features of CampMinder and CampInTouch! Feel free to send us any feedback or questions about the system!