What do you like to do for fun?  Maybe you like to swim, ride your bike, play sports or just spend time with your friends. Great News! At Camp Lincoln & Camp Lake Hubert you can do all of that and more – in one location! We offer over 30 land, water and adventure activities for you to choose from while at camp. Unlike other camps, there is no “extra cost” for campers to participate in our on-camp activities. All activities are included in the basic tuition.   On Arrival Day, campers will choose and sign up for their first set of activities (usually four activities in a day).  Campers will participate in these activities for three days (we call this three-day period an activity “block”). At the end of each block, campers can then sign up for a new set of activities to participate in for the next three-day “block,” or choose to continue skill development in the same activities as well.  One of our goals at camp is to focus on skill development in our activity areas.  In order to accomplish this, we do offer an awards program, recognizing achievement in that activity.  Once a camper has completed a task or skill that meets the pre-designed criteria, they will earn their award (a patch, metal or certificate). Each activity has its own set of awards and criteria. Awards are given out throughout the session and during the Final Banquet.  As an American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited Camp, safety is key at all times. Campers are required to wear necessary safety equipment for the activities they choose – such as harnesses, life jackets, ear protection and helmets. In our commitment to safety, the camps will provide all safety equipment needed.   Camp provides all necessary equipment for each activity; however, if a camper has a favorite ball glove, tennis racket or fishing pole that he/she wishes to bring to camp, please feel free to do so! Before campers come to camp, we encourage them to think about what activities they want to participate in!   Please take the time to explore all of the land, water and wilderness activities.