Rally Day Themes

What Is the Rally Day Dance?

During each of our four-week sessions, a dinner and dance are scheduled for current (school year 2018-2019) 7th, 8th and 9th-grade boys and girls. These campers get to come together for a themed dance while the Camp Lincoln Leadership Training (LT) Level 1 Participants DJ the night away.

Rally Day


1st Session – Thursday, June 27th  at Camp Lake Hubert

Let’s GLOW Crazy!

That is right Lincoln and Hubert Campers! It is once again time for you to find those bold, bright neon-colored clothes of yours (or of your parents) and bring them with you to camp this summer. Let’s not just limit this to clothing… as we feel that the more glow-in-the-dark/neon accessories, the better. We truly wanna see which camp can rock their Glow Gear the best. Hey… there is even talk of a Glow Stick Dance Off between some of the counselors and camp directors…Say What? It is definitely time to light up the night as you shine bright for this 1st Session Dance. Be ready to see the room glow as we break it down on the dining room flo… Let’s Go!

2nd Session – Friday, July 26th at Camp Lincoln

Put Me In Coach…

Alright sports fans! This Rally Day Dance will allow you to represent your favorite sport, school, college or professional sports team. We either wanna know what sport consumes most of your free time or what sports team you ride or die with when you are not at Lincoln or Hubert. Those that truly wanna show they know what is up when it comes to being SPORTY will bring whatever essentials are needed for them to pull off this wacky dance theme which promises to be FIRE! Think club or school team uniforms/equipment, hats, headbands, jerseys, shorts, wristbands, golf clubs, tennis racquets, etc. that support your team. You can never have too much gear as we really want to see who or what you are repping while you dance to the latest stadium anthems and Top 40 tunes. Goooooo Team!