2019 Special Day Themes

Camp Lincoln Special DaysCamp Lincoln for Boys Summer Camp

The Wondrous World of Lincoln
2W1, 4W1 – June 18th
2W3, 4W2 – July 17th

Have you ever wondered what makes Camp Lincoln so special? There always seems to be a great sense of charm present around camp even on a “normal” day, right? Well, you will soon discover it to be present on a whole new level during this wicked special day. Get ready to cast a spell on the Lincoln Community and learn together about the fascinating aspects of teamwork. Butterbeer, Merlin’s Beard and Quidditch anyone? You might even get to sample Mr. Ruggles’s Corned Beef Sandwich or Sam A. Cote’s Famous Pumpkin Pie.


Color Wars Part One
2W1, 3W1, 4W1 – June 25th
2W3, 4W2 – Ju
ly 24th

The tradition lives on for another summer! Believe it or not, we have more in store for you to build on last summer’s success. Expect a few more creative twists to make Color Wars Part One 2019 a day you will not soon forget. This day is poised to generate the utmost in team determination, energy and passion in our campers and staff. All will heed the call of their Color Wars Team morning, noon and night. Attention Current 9th Grade Campers… The time has finally arrived for you to come up with an original and creatively choreographed song and dance routine complete with lyrics, as well as a brand NEW Team Beat for Songfest 2019. May the best team win!


The Reocurring Extreme Dream
2W2, 3W1, 4W1 – July 2nd
2W4, 4W2 – July 31st

Have you ever awoken from an adventurous dream and realized that it ended too soon or that you had dreamt the same story before? If this sounds familiar, never fear. Our goal is to help you bring your dream to life and finish what you started during what looks to be an action-packed day for all. You may think you know what lies ahead for you and your cabinmates, but really, you have no idea. Looks like you will just have to wait and see where your dreams take you. Remember to DREAM BIG, fellas!


Color Wars Part Two
2W2, 3W1, 4W1 – July 9th
2W4, 4W2 – August 7th

This age-old camp tradition where the RED TEAM competes against the BLUE TEAM is one of the most anticipated days of each session. In 2018, the RED TEAM was victorious during both sessions. Will the BLUE TEAM regroup and chill out the RED TEAM this summer? We will soon see. We can tell you this for sure…. The bar will be raised yet again for Summer 2019’s installment of Color Wars Part Two with the addition of new campers, new events, more fun, and a new champion. Prepare to lead your team to victory and to contribute to the legacy that is Color Wars Part Two.

Camp Lincoln for Boys Summer Camp


Camp Lake Hubert
Special Days

Fruit, Fruit, Hooray!
2W1, 4W1 – June 18th
2W3, 4W2 – July 17th

Do you love fruit? You absoFRUITly will after this special day. Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, watermelon, and many more. You name it and you are sure to see it on this special day. Prepare yourself for a day full of fruit crafts, creations, and games, and, of course, lots of fruit eating. Who knew being healthy could be so fun? Please come dressed as your favorite fruit.


CLH Palooza
2W1, 3W1, 4W1 – June 25th
2W3, 4W2 – July 24th

Imagine a state fair, carnival, and circus combined into one. That is what you will get at this year’s CLH Palooza. Prepare yourself for a wild and crazy day stuffed without the ordinary events, activities, and surprises. Fair food, performances, and endless games are in store for this special day. Please come dressed wacky, tacky, or come as you are.


365 in a Day
2W2, 3W1, 4W1 – July 2nd
2W4, 4W2 – July 31st

A year’s worth of holidays packed into one fun-filled day. Travel through the seasons and celebrate each holiday. Which holiday is your favorite? Is it New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas or Groundhog Day? Whatever it may be, please come dressed as that holiday and get ready to celebrate like you never have before.


The Amazing Race: Color Wars Edition
2W2, 3W1, 4W1 – July 8th
2W4, 4W2 – August 6th

A twist on the traditional Color Wars. Gear up for an intense and epic day of challenging activities alongside your team. You might encounter a roadblock, detour, or have to complete an extra task. Make sure to root for your teammates and learn your team’s cheers. Campers will learn their team at camp and every camper will be able to get a shirt for their respective teams – green for life or white for spirit.  

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