The Tale of a 60 Year Old Camp Lake Hubert Sweatshirt

By Marilyn (Mimi) Anderson Estes 1958-1959, S1966

It all started the first session of the summer of 1958. It was the summer I first went to Camp Lake Hubert and fell in love with camp. Now 60 years later, I love it just as much and have been lucky enough to share the camp experience with two daughters, a son, a grandson and a granddaughter. As all campers do, I bought a camp sweatshirt that first summer. It was a favorite and I wore it a lot. In other years, I bought more camp shirts and sweatshirts, but this is the only one that is still wearable. I wore the other shirts out, but somehow this one has survived.

alumni cabin photo

Marilyn (Mimi) Estes is in the 2nd row, 3rd person from the left.

Twenty years later, my first daughter, Elizabeth (Betsy) Estes (1978-1984), attended the first session of camp. Although Betsy was not thrilled about taking an old sweatshirt with her, it was still packed and the 1958 sweatshirt went to Camp Lake Hubert once again. Of course, she also bought new camp apparel the years she attended camp.


In 1981, Sally Estes (1981-1987, S1991), now Sally Estes Vigezzi, joined her sister Betsy in the first session. Now the sweatshirt had to be shared by the two sisters. The 1958 sweatshirt was not her favorite, but it still found its way to camp every year.
camp alumni
In 2018, imagine my surprise when my daughter, Betsy, showed me a picture she had just received from Camp Lake Hubert of her daughter at archery wearing the 1958 sweatshirt. Holly, Betsy’s daughter was in Windy Lodge which makes her the fourth of us to be “Windy Girls”. Holly Keir is the third generation to attend Camp Lake Hubert and the fourth of the Estes family to wear the beloved CLH sweatshirt at camp.

camp alumni


It is amazing that this camp sweatshirt has survived 60 years, many of them on the Camp Lake Hubert grounds. Of course, it is showing its age. No longer is it the deep blue it once was and there are some places where the material is rather thin and there are a few small holes. We now take better care of it! There are also two boys in our family who went to Camp Lincoln, but they did not take the Camp Lake Hubert sweatshirt with them. I am fortunate to be able to visit camp each summer when I ride to Minnesota with Betsy to pick up Holly from camp. I love seeing that the camp has not changed a lot, but also has kept up with current times by adding new activities. Best of all is that we all have wonderful memories of Camp Lake Hubert and Camp Lincoln.
camp alumni
camp alumni







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