Advice for First-Time Campers


Color Wars Campers Hubert Campers on water mat


Are you ready to have an amazing adventure this summer? We are going to have an awesome time! Some of our 2017 first-time campers want to make sure of that, so they have some advice to help you hit the ground running.


Winnie Orth
Camp Lake Hubert – 2W3
Winnetka, Illinois

The first summer at Camp Lake Hubert was the best summer of my life. It was filled with many fun activities. Some of the outstanding activities that I participated in were paddleboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, decoupage, archery, and warm campfires.

Some advice that I would share with first-time campers is to go to sleep early and get enough sleep for all the exciting activities. I would tell campers to put loads of bug spray on so that they are protected from the bugs. You want to enjoy every moment. Don’t waste time being homesick because you only have two great weeks there!

My favorite part was meeting friends from all around the world. I met someone from Russia! These friends make you feel welcome and they turn into family. I am lucky that I had the opportunity to spend my summer at Camp Lake Hubert. I loved it so much that this year I am going for a month. I can’t wait for summer!


Alec Smith
Camp Lincoln – Intro1
Saint Paul, Minnesota

I had fun doing everything! I especially liked waterfront and rifle shooting. I would advise first-time campers to sign up for waterfront activities. What is my favorite part of camp? Can I say being away from your bossy parents? No? Okay, then doing more stuff than I could do at home.


Cece Burt
Camp Lake Hubert – 2W3
Chicago, Illinois

My first summer was really fun and exciting, even though it was intimidating at the start. I made lots of new friends and had so many amazing counselors! If I were to give advice to a first-time camper I would say you should write A LOT of letters or talk to a counselor if you miss anyone.


Jamie Nelson
Camp Lincoln – 2W3
Las Vegas, Nevada

My first summer was interesting, fun and a little crazy! A very important time at camp is the first day before dinner. This is where you can have fun and bond with some of your cabin mates. These friendships will be important throughout the session. Camp Lincoln is unique, with kids from different countries, which brings diversity to Camp Lincoln. Hanging around with the kids and counselors is fun.


Ellie Lucas
Camp Lake Hubert – 2W4
Denver, Colorado

My first summer of camp was really fun. I liked having more independence at camp, like making my bed every morning and tidying my chalet (sleeping room).  It taught me to stay on task with a schedule, like having a certain amount of time to get ready before setting the dining hall. If you wanted to do fun activities like polar bear swim or barn work, you had to learn how to wake up early.

I want first-time campers to know that being away from home could be scary, but it is not as scary as it seems. The counselors are always there to help you. I always felt included with my cabin mates and made some nice friends.

My favorite part of camp that I hope first-time campers will love too is swan jumping (a two-story pontoon boat). It was so cool being out in the middle of Hubert for the first time. It was fun watching other people jump off the top. While I did not jump off the top this past summer, I plan to next summer!


Philou Jourdain
Camp Lake Hubert – 2W2
Paris, France

Last summer was a great experience for me! All new campers need to be smiling. I enjoyed every moment, especially color wars.


Joe Kelly
Camp Lincoln – 4W2
Wilmette, Illinois

I was so excited that it was finally my turn to go to Camp Lincoln. I have four older brothers and all but one of them went to Camp Lincoln. I don’t really remember dropping my brother Christo in 2011. My mom likes to tell the story that I disappeared for a bit and they later found me playing games with some older kids. I did not want to leave!

Finally, it was my turn in 2017. I signed up for riflery and archery right away. I also tried horseback riding and I loved it. We don’t have horses at home, so it was fun trying something new. I loved it so much that I signed up for saddle crew. We woke up at 5:00 am to take care of the horses and the stables. I earned a bunch of awards for riding and want to keep trying again this coming summer.

Camp is awesome is my advice. The counselors are great and so are the kids. There are tons of activities, so you never get bored. I was happy to be back at home and see my mom and dad, but I really miss camp. I can’t wait to go back this summer.


Lily Evans
Camp Lake Hubert – Intro1
Bloomington, Minnesota

My first summer at camp was great! I met lots of new friends and tried so many new things like horseback riding and sailing! I would advise new campers to not be afraid to try new things! I took the bus up to camp and got a chance to make friends right away before we even got to Camp Lake Hubert! My favorite part of camp was horseback riding because I had never tried it before and had so much fun! It was fun to make friends from different states and I can’t wait to see them next summer!


Hailey Feucht
Camp Lake Hubert – Intro2
Rosemount, Minnesota

My first summer at camp was so much fun!  There was always something to do. First-time campers should try a lot of activities. I tried horseback riding and found that I loved it.


Jameson Schneider
Camp Lincoln – Intro2
East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Camp was really fun and exciting! I cannot wait to go back this summer! What I love about camp is that you can sit back, relax, listen to your counselors, and have a great time! You are so busy having fun, you do not have much time to miss home. Not to mention, I loved the activities! Riflery and pottery were my favorite.


Daphne O’Hara
Camp Lake Hubert – 4W2
Montclair, New Jersey

My first summer at camp was by far my best summer experience ever. I met so many new lifelong friends and had such a wonderful time with them. If it is your first time going to camp, my advice is to be yourself and just try to have the best time possible. The one thing I loved best about camp was meeting so many new friends and having such a good time with them. It is like they say CFAB (Camp Friends Are Best)! I loved Camp Lake Hubert and I am sure you will too!


Maria Manley
Camp Lake Hubert – 2W1
Big Lake, Minnesota

Dear Future Campers,

I am Maria and I was new camper last year. I went for two weeks and was in Wrens Cabin, which has a super cool cabin song. I assure you that everything at camp is super fun. There are so many activities that I could not try them all, and all the activities I did try were so very fun. My favorite activity was probably waterskiing. I never waterskied before camp, and with the help of the staff, I was able to get my level one. My last piece of advice is to keep your personal things organized. It will come in handy when you are getting ready for laundry day, a trip or departure day. My favorite thing at camp is probably the food. The food is always delicious. Hopefully, you will like it to. I wish you a good time at camp this summer.


We hope to see you this coming summer. If you have not enrolled yet, please click here to get started.