An Open Letter To Our Campers


Dear Lincoln and Lake Hubert Campers,

You probably just had your first few weeks of school.  You are taking one step further into a new year filled with new school supplies, new and old friends, adventures, and challenges.  I bet you are still finding the perfect place to display your awards or the many candles you made.  You might find yourself taking your hat off before you walk into the lunch room or wanting to beat on the table. By the way, have you gotten all the sand out of your shoes?

Entering the real world can be nerve-wracking, but do not let that get the best of you.  Your school friends may not understand what you did this summer, but we understand, and so do all your camp friends across the globe.  You just spent a summer on Lake Hubert where you learned how to shoot, you spoke in front of a crowd, and you felt what it is like to laugh until your sides get sore or cheer until you lose your voice.  You built friendships from scratch with people from completely different states and countries.  What is it that you cannot do, or at least try?

You might find yourself in a classroom, on the playground, trying to find a seat at lunchtime.  You are definitely not on camp, but you are still the same remarkable person that pushed yourself to conquer heights and encouraged others by chanting “PG and D”.  You have that spirit inside of you no matter where you are.  Of all the rest, be the best.

So raise your hand and answer that question in class, reach out to the new kid, try a new after-school activity, and have fun doing it.  Walk through those schools doors with that smile, that style and that winning way that makes you special.  You just came from Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, and you can set your mind to anything.

And at the end of these 9 months, we will see you back at camp for another amazing summer.  See you soon.