Dear Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Alumni, Campers, Parents, and Staff Members,

Many of you, associated with our camps, have heard us say again and again that two of our favorite attributes about Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are our diverse community and the quality relationships that have enriched the lives of so many for the last 111 years.  From our campers to our staff members, this diversity takes many forms: socio-economic, geographical, and ethnic, including a wide variety of people of color.  By placing this diverse group in an environment that is intentionally striving towards inclusivity and acceptance of all, we witness campers and staff members embracing their authentic selves while building a strong community out of a greater awareness and respect for others.

The death of George Floyd in our own backyard, and the many other tragic stories that have been revealed, have again affirmed the importance of continuing to provide campers and staff members an environment where they can share perspectives, feelings, and stories in a supportive, diverse, and inclusive way. However, we know there is more that we want to do.  As the leaders of our camps, we have welcomed this opportunity to reflect on educating ourselves and our camp community more about social injustice and structural racism. Too, we want to learn how to be better at affecting change moving forward.    

Right now, we, and this country, are focusing on the lives of black people and the injustices they unfairly endure to this day.  We believe that their lives do matter, regardless of if they are at camp with us or in their home communities. The youth and young adults that come through Lincoln and Hubert are phenomenal humans, and give us great hope that, eventually, this country will find a path to equality and inclusivity.  As we work on ourselves, we are also very committed to helping move this country along the right path

#BlackLivesMatter   #WeAreLincoln   #HubertAtHome