As we come up on our 110th summer, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are setting into motion plans to better summer programming, while improving the camper experience. We pride ourselves on continuing our long-standing practice of offering a traditional sleepaway adventure for campers all over the world, which requires us to evolve and remain up to date with the best programming and facilities we can offer. Over the next year, Camp Lincoln will unveil an indoor rec center and weight room, while Camp Lake Hubert introduces an updated kitchen and expansion to the Senior Dining Hall.

Boys Camp Sports BasketballIn the fall of 2018, Camp Lincoln broke ground on a new rec center. As Camp Lincoln’s origins are very much based in the athletics, we look forward to having an indoor space to accommodate various sports (basketball, broomball, volleyball, indoor soccer, etc). “This rec center will increase our ability to deliver skill development opportunities, regardless of the weather”, says Executive Director Ruggs Cote. The new Camp Lincoln Rec Center will also house an updated weight room and allow for larger group fitness classes. Combined with a nine-acre athletic field, these enhancements allow for even more sports to be practiced simultaneously than ever before. The Camp Lincoln Rec Center is set to be complete in spring of 2019.

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Camp Lincoln has a history steeped in athletics – most notably with Bud Wilkinson, the head football coach for the University of Oklahoma from 1947 to 1963 and Minnesota native. Bud brought his football team and high school hopefuls to Camp Lincoln to train for several years. They would use today’s athletic field, which was originally built to accommodate these visiting teams. Bud’s team practiced under the cover of the tree-lined fields and away from the eyes of competitors. The Athletic Camp cabins, now known as Senior I and II, were originally named Soonerville and Gopherville after the schools that great coaches, like Wilkinson, hailed from. With the new rec center, located right next to the athletic field where Bud and his team would practice years ago, Camp Lincoln will continue to offer athletic opportunities in campers’ off-season.Bud Wilkinson Camp Lincoln

Camp Lincoln Rec Center

Camp Lincoln Rec Center

With 1,400 kids served every summer, it is imperative to run a tight operation in every way- programming, counseling, parent contact, operations, food service, etc.

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Alongside the debut of the Camp Lincoln Rec Center will come the enhancements to Camp Lake Hubert’s Senior Dining Hall, which also broke ground in the fall of 2018. The current Senior Dining Hall will be getting a brand-new kitchen with updates to accommodate campers and their dietary needs. In addition, the actual dining hall will be expanded to add an additional dining room.

Camp Lake Hubert Sr Dining Hall

Camp Lake Hubert Sr Dining Hall

As of now, the Senior Dining Hall, which overlooks the waterfront and 100-year time capsule, houses two dining rooms for “Senior Campers,” typically those over 12 years old staying for four weeks. The walls are lined with old yearbook photos dating as far back as the opening year in 1927. Cote explains, “It’s beneficial not only to the possible expansion of our meal offerings but also to the camp community. This new space will bring all campers together under the same roof and supply us with more programming opportunities.” The Senior Dining Hall is expected to be complete in time for the campers of summer 2019.
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If you are interested in joining us or taking a tour of the campgrounds you can call the office at 800-242-1909.