10 Last Minute “Campy” Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up, and there might be a few people out there who are still trying to pull together the perfect costume. Never fear! We are here to give you some “campy” costume ideas. Below are some quick ideas that anyone can pull together in a flash.


  1. S’more Costume

    How could we not start with this delicious summer camp treat? This is the perfect group costume to get the whole “fam” involved.  There is one thing this costume doesn’t have -the messy satisfaction of eating an actual s’more.
    S'more Camp costume S'more Camp Costume

  2. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

    This is a nod to our Minnesotan Roots. You could easily pull this off with a flannel and a pair of black pants. Maybe lose the ax so you can carry more Halloween candy.
    Paul Bunyan camp Costume Paul Bunyan Camp Costume

  3. Oscar the Snapping Turtle

    Many Camp Lake Hubert girls know about Oscar the Snapping Turtle. He tends to keep to himself, so only a lucky few have actually seen him as he slowly makes his way home. Pay homage to this year-round Hubert resident with your best turtle fit.
    Turtle Camp Costume Turtle Camp Costume
    We know that the second picture is technically a Ninja Turtle, but she’s too fierce not to post.

  4. Loon

    The soundtrack to every good night’s sleep at camp. You can get as crazy as you want with this costume. Just get a bag of feathers and start gluing away. This costume isn’t complete without loon sounds, so start practicing!
    Loon Camp Costume Loon Camp Costume

  5. “Lucky Me” Runner

    With our 110th Anniversary Weekend and “Lucky Me” Run coming up in August, you might as well start training now. Use this costume to run through Halloween and straight to our “Lucky Me” Run registration. 
    5k Camp Costume 5K Camp Costume

  6. “Brownie Coat”

    We all know about our good old founder – Brownie Cote. This costume will take some imagination, but at least you’ll have a coat to keep you warm if your Halloween is going to be cold.
    Brownie Cote CostumeBrownie Cote Costume Brownie Cote Costume

  7. Cowboy Joe

    “He’s the ruffest, toughest man by far. He’s the ragtime Cowboy Joe”. This costume might require someone love for ragtime music. Spend Halloween night swinging back and forth in your saddle as this rootin’ tootin’ cowboy.
    Cowboy Costume Cowboy Costume Cowboy Costume

  8. Fred the Moose

    His name was Fred…the Moose. A camp song classic. This costume works best if you “drink your juice in bed”, just don’t spill it all over your hair!
    Moose Costume Moose Costume Juice Moose Costume

  9. Gilly Suit

    Remember the feeling right before you play Capture the Flag or Red Nose-Blue Nose? Skip the long pants and closed toe-shoes, and get hardcore with the gilly suit.
    Gilly Suit Camp Costume

  10. Andre’s Alligator Friend

    “He can be your friend, he can be your friend, he can be YOUR FRIEND TOO.” Be the alligator the whole camp has been singing about. We promise we won’t wear you as a shoe.

Alligator Camp Costume Alligator Camp Costume


Do you have another camp themed costume idea? You can email us here with your ideas or with a picture of your own camp costume!