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Ruggs Cote

Ruggs Cote

As a third-generation Camp Director, Ruggs follows his family’s legacy and passion for Camp and its mission with children from around the world. He was a camper for 11 years, completed the Counselor-in-Training program, was an Assistant Counselor, a Counselor, and a Head Counselor. He graduated from DePauw University in 1993 where he majored in Economics and was treasurer of his fraternity. Four years later, he returned to the camps full-time. Ruggs proudly continues the Cote Family tradition at camp with his wife Nancy and their children Christian (2000), Audrey (2001), Sam (2002), and Elise (2014).

Favorite Camp Activity: Sailing
Best Camp Memory: Fire Watch and eating Alaskan Hummingbird
Favorite Camp Meal: Tacos
Childhood Hobbies: Sailing, Legos, Tennis
Favorite Camp Value: Excellence – it’s what makes us great!
Goofiest thing I’ve done at Camp: Running the Weenie backwards (in my youth, of course)

How you have managed to develop a program that keeps children happy, helps them to grow, and makes their parents feel so satisfied all at the same time…I have no idea. But I’m very glad that you guys are so good at what you do!