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Sam Cote

Sam Cote

As the son of Brownie Cote, who purchased the camps in 1923, Sam has literally grown up in the camping business and has made it his life’s work. As a child, he was a camper in the majority of the cabins at Camp Lincoln, was a Counselor-In-Training (CIT), and a staff member for a number of summers. While not at the lake for the summers, he grew up in the Twin Cities area and attended Colgate University where he majored in economics, was on the swim team, and was treasurer for his fraternity. He joined his father working full-time for the camps in 1968 and has played a major role in the American Camp Association (ACA) serving as Northland Section president for two years and ACA Board member for several terms. He has also been an Association of Independent Camps (AIC) Board Member for three years. Sam and his wife, Mary Jo, have four children: Kelly, Cathy, Ruggs, and Polly. With 12 grandchildren to date, the Cote Family already has fourth generation campers continuing the legacy at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. In his spare time, Sam enjoys sailing, tennis, hiking, and is a member of the Edina Rotary Club.

Favorite Camp Activity: Tennis and Archery
Best Camp Memory: Every opening camp day!
Favorite Camp Meal: Bill Jones’ Pizza Night
Childhood Hobbies: Tennis, sailing, swimming
Favorite Core Value: Quality Relationships – it’s what makes camp special!
Goofiest thing I’ve done at Camp: Tried to beat Andre’ in Indian Leg Wrestling

How you have managed to develop a program that keeps children happy, helps them to grow, and makes their parents feel so satisfied all at the same time…I have no idea. But I’m very glad that you guys are so good at what you do!