International Food Night


A big hello from Camp Lincoln in Lake Hubert, Minnesota!  We all know that Camp Lincoln is just half of Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, which is in a very small town in the quaint north woods of Minnesota, which is only one of the 50 United States, which is only one of 196 countries in the world.  That being said, Camp Lincoln, and Camp Lake Hubert for that matter, attract such a vast community of campers and staff every year! This summer, our camp population will be comprised of over 11 countries and 36 states.  When coming to camp with this diverse community, campers and staff will hear new languages, different accents, new sayings and idioms, learn about varied backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and more.

These are all great and amazing for campers and staff alike to develop as educated world citizens but… WHAT ABOUT FOOD?!  Everyone loves food!  Once a session at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, our wonderful kitchen staff create their favorite dishes from their home countries.  This year, we’ll be making your mouths water with this past session’s International Food Night Menu from Camp Lincoln, as well as each dish’s country of origin and chef.

Bon appetit!

Australia – Kris Nosworthy:
“Kangaroo” Skewers on the Barbie with onions, peppers, and pineapple
Tofu Skewers on the Barbie

Czech Republic – Zuzana Remesova:
Zuzana’s Secret Recipe Garlic Paté

Germany – Justyna Janik:
Justyana’s Awesome Potato Salad

Hungary – Petra Toth, Rita Bayer, Bogie Varga:
Petra Style Ratatouille
Bogi and Rita’s Asian and Hungarian Beef Stew
Petra’s Grandma’s Golden and Cinnamon Dumplings

Mexico – Paulina Rico, Karl Brunk, Aldo Lazzeri, Geovanni Rodriguez Montesinos:
Rico’s Style Pastes (fried dumplings)
Rico’s Dream Tinga (chicken)
Karl’s Style Beef Tacos
Aldo’s Favorite Salsa
Señor Geovanni Rodriguez Montesinos’ Lemon Cake

Poland – Justyna Janik:
Justyna’s Delicious Strawberry Pasta

Slovakia – Chef Rob Szabo, Stanka Kuchovska, Andi Lehotska:
Chef Rob’s Meat Loaf
Stanka’s Super Seasoned Cooked Potatoes
Unbelievable Rice Pie with Peaches – Andi Style

Scotland – Craig Finlay:
Craig’s Amazing Scottish Shortbread

United States of America – Jon Nickels, André Brewer:
Jon’s Famous American Hot Dogs and Chili
André’s Magic Rice