Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Partner with Ivy Oaks Analytics

Summer 2019 is going to be a big summer for Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. We are turning 110 years old, unveiling two large construction projects and updates to our programming, and we are now partnering with Ivy Oaks Analytics.

Ivy Oaks Analytics is a public health company based out of Pennsylvania that specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy at large campgrounds, parks and summer camps.

Ticks, mosquitos and poison ivy have never been a major issue at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. Regardless, we are committed to reducing any risks that may affect our campers and staff. We know that tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, are increasing nationwide, and understand that our efforts must evolve as well.

Along with these precautions, professionals, including the CDC, recommend daily self tick checks as the best defense, as well as insect repellant and education. These measures are already implemented at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.

The Ivy Oaks process includes ongoing tick population measurements, landscape modification, natural control methods and more. We are proud to have advanced public health standards certification by implementing this program.  For more information, visit the Ivy Oaks Analytics and CDC websites.