Camp Staff Jump-Start Their Careers

How being a camp counselor can help jump-start your career, and give you the skills needed in your professional life.


This blog was written by the 2018 Marketing Intern, Elizabeth Mattern. 

Emerging into the workforce can be quite intimidating. The pressures to find a job or internship can leave you feeling overwhelmed. When entering an interview or applying for an internship you want to feel confident. Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert can help prepare you.

The workforce is competitive. Environments, where you can grow and learn, are key in leading you into a long-term, fulfilling career. Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert allow you to invest in your own skills before entering that interview or applying for that internship.

Summer Internships

Need more content to write for an application? Robbie Faryniarz, who is pursuing a career in business says summer camp is just the place. Robbie Faryniarz was a staff member from 2015-2017 and is in the School of Business at Indiana University. The skills acquired from his camp experiences are skills that any future employer would value. Faryniarz recalled a story where two of his campers were feeling homesick, and it began to affect other kids in the cabin. Faryniarz worked with his co-counselors and created a plan to help the homesick campers. Through this, Faryniarz learned skills like conflict-resolution and team building. You can read about Robbie’s personal story at The Value of a Summer Camp Job.

There are many skills learned from camp that can help your resume. Helping children develop confidence and life skills takes dedication. It also takes strong interpersonal communication skills, problem solving and time management. Being a camp counselor can be quite an unpredictable job, so being able to adapt and think on your feet is important.

Summer Internships

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert can also provide you with internship credit. All you have to do is speak with your college’s academic career advisor and ensure all the necessary paperwork is sorted. Then, during your interview, inform the Staff Coordinator and they will be happy to help you with plans to give you the necessary credits.

If you are looking for an enriching experience that will give you a leg up in the workforce, consider being a staff member for Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. The experience will leave you with a powerful combination of skills to put on your resume and positive employer recommendations. Camp counseling is not just a summer job, it is a key selling point for many employers.

Summer Internships

We are accepting applications. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in jump-starting your career, please visit our staffing web page.