LT Reflection: A Day in the Life


Monday was my first All-Day. An All-Day is where an LT 1 spends the entire day at their assigned cabin stay. From the time the campers wake up to when they fall asleep, the LT should be at the cabin, except during activities and rest hour. Cabin stays, especially an All-Day, are great times for the LT 1s to form relationships with their cabins. My cabin is Apache, and they are the youngest campers on camp. They have tons of energy and are a blast to be around. I helped them with Cabin Cleanup, and assisted the counselors with their duties. All meals are spent with the cabin, and meals are some of the best times just to talk to campers. The cabin activity for my cabin was Loon Jumping. After dropping anchor, everyone in the cabin climbed the ladder and jumped off the top into the water. All of us had a blast. Later that night, I lead vespers in the center chalet. I asked the kids what activities at camp enjoyed, but can only do at camp. The most popular were Riding and Low Ropes.

Block three, which I have spent all four periods at wilderness, comes to a close tomorrow. Each day this block begins with Orienteering. In Orienteering, the campers went around camp using a compass and a map to find marked locations. The first day of the block, the campers were getting to know how to use the compass and map together. Today we went on a scavenger hunt where the kids found things at each of the six spots. The class has only three campers, making it easier for another LT 1 and me to lead the activity than if it had large amounts of campers. My second activity is canoeing. The campers learn how to canoe, perform a deep water entry, and practice the rescue techniques used if a canoe capsizes. Two other LTs and I performed solo canoe rescues while the rest of the campers practiced T-rescues. The third activity is Fire Building. Fire Building is self-explanatory. The campers build a fire, and the fires are used for the final period of the day, Wild Cook. The first day campers made chocolate pancakes, and today they baked potatoes.

The past two evenings the Intermediate and Senior divisions participated in an event called Sam Cote Classic. All the campers play except for the oldest seniors, who are coaches. All the campers are split into ten teams named after NHL, NFL, and NBA teams, the Broncos, Spurs, Knicks, Packers, Bulls, Black Hawks, Vikings, Wild, Lakers, and Thunder. The teams play two games a night for a total of four nights, the two this week and two more the fourth week of camp. The campers compete in basketball, baseball, flag-football, soccer, and ultimate. The team with the best record at the end wins this year’s Sam Cote Classic. My group made up of four LTs was in charge of planning and running Sam Cote Classic. While the planning was mostly smooth, it was challenging putting all the campers onto teams, as it required a lot of logistical prowess. Part one of Same Cote Classic itself went smoothly for the most part. It was the first event our group planned. Right now I am looking forward to Color Wars Part One and especially Rally Day, which my group is planning. I believe both events will be really fun for everybody participating.

Blog written by Seth Madson, Lincoln LT1