LT Reflection: Dancing, Competing, & Eating…Oh My!


Last Saturday, the 26th of July, the older campers of Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert assembled at the Lincoln dining hall for an event called RALLY DAY. For some campers, this is the day they look forward to when thinking about Camp. For those of you unfamiliar with Rally Day, it is a night where the gentlemen of Camp Lincoln host a dance and invite the ladies of Camp Lake Hubert. The theme this year was Caped Crusaders, so I saw plenty of Batmans, Supermans, Captain Americas and even Mr. Incredible! The big attraction this year was Sam Cote’s old VW bus which was painted to look like he Batmobile. After a fun pizza dinner and games, the campers filed into Intermediate Dinning Hall for the dance and it was Awesome! There was chanting, congo lines, and fist pumping galore! Overall, it was a fun night, and each camper had a lot of fun.

Then, Camp Thunderbird came to Camp on Tuesday for another round of friendly competition. Although Thunderbird fielded some very strong teams this year, Camp Lincoln pulled ahead in every sport. I guess you could say practice pays off! Each camper on the Camp Lincoln Railsplitters worked hard and emerged from the day as winners.

Later in the week, the campers were able to enjoy yet another LT planned special day: Carnival! Cotton Candy, Bouncy Slides, Funnel Cakes, Ring Toss, and Sno-Cones were the staples of this fun day. Then, after winning countless tickets, the campers had INTERNAIONAL FOOD NIGHT!!!!!! By far, this is everyone’s favorite meal of the session and a big round of applause goes out to the Kitchen Staff, who spent countless hours preparing traditional dishes from their home countries. Overall, the last week here at Camp has been amazing and will only get more exciting as Color Wars Part II and more activities are right around the corner!

Blog by Brendan Doyle, CL LT1, 2014