LT Reflection: In the Midst of it All


This was an exciting week here at Camp Lincoln for boys. Not only for us as the LT’s, but the camp as a whole. This week saw the sessions first color wars, a very rare evening activity, and a transition with our two week friends leaving. To start the fun out Friday saw the start of the long-standing tradition of color wars. Color wars are a set of competitions where there are two teams, the red team and the blue team. Both teams squared off in a set of camp activity based challenges. The day was filled with hard competition with both teams pulling upset victories in their respective activities. Everyone played hard and fair, and everyone used the skills they acquired their first two weeks to really help their team out. However there could only be one winner. Red completely dominated the tug-of-war, and appeared to have a slight advantage in the very highly contested camp activities portion of the day, but blue pulled an upset victory during songfest to boost them to a one-point victory over red. This one point victory translates to a one second head start for the blue team during color wars part two, which will be held next Friday.

This Sunday was a very special and rare evening for the older boys here at camp. This Sunday Camp Lincolns intermediate dining hall was home to rally day. rally day is a clean dance that is held for the boys going into 8th grade and up.  What makes this dance so special is that the ladies from Camp Lake Hubert are invited to attend the dance. Before the dance the boys were paired with their respective counter parts from CLH, they played get to know you games and ate pizza. After doing this for a bit they proceeded into the dining hall where the LT’s were the DJ’s for the dance. This years theme for the dance was camo. This led to an array of very creative and cool costume choices from both the boys and the girls. The boys were extremely respectful of the ladies. This led to a fun, safe, clean night for everyone in attendance. With a fun playlist of music, new friends from CLH, and pizza dinner rally day this year was one to remember.

The other big thing that happened this week was that our two week friends from the beginning of the session left, and our new friends coming to stay with us till the end of the session joined us. As the session reached its mid point the first set of two week left to return home. Many of us really wish they could have stayed longer as they were our friends and really helped make camp a fun lively place for everyone. Camp felt a little less without them over session break and they will be missed until their return next summer, but the memories we made with them in the last half month will stick with us until we see each other again next summer. However not everything was sad as the new set of two weekers joined us. The new group joined us Monday energetic and ready to help make camp a very fun and exciting place for these last two weeks of camp. We are all excited here at the LT program to meet them as many of us have two week cabins, and the mood around camp is very positive as everyone begins to reunite with old friends and begin to make new friends. This will be another busy, fun, amazing, and memory packed week at Camp Lincoln. We cant wait to make some memories with our new friends from the fourth session of two weekers, and we are already looking forward to activities in the upcoming weeks.

Blog written by Camp Lincoln LT 1, Teja Upadhyaya