LT Reflection: New Traditions and New Campers!


Things here at camp are great. Last week was one of the newest Camp Traditions – COLOR WARS PART ONE! It was great seeing new additions to Color Wars Part One such as Tug O War, a chants contest, and the hilarious Senior Songs. Both of the Senior Cabins from each team performed a song that they created. I loved watching their hysterical choreography! After a fun packed day of activities and competition, Blue team pulled out victorious by a mere seven points. Oh, the taste of sweet victory! (I’m on the Blue Team if it wasn’t too obvious already!)

We are currently in our sixth activity block. It’s all sun and smiles for the Four Weekers; however, I speak for everyone when I say that we were all sad to see the two weekers leave. Things are lonely here at camp without the two-weekers, but the bonds that we have created with them will last a lifetime. I wish that my two-week friends didn’t have to leave so soon. It seems like we all just arrived the other day. I can only hope that I will see all of them next year. The arrival of the new two weekers was great. I have already made new friends in the two-week cabins! I hope that I will see my old friends from last year as well as make new ones!

Blog by Jimmy Crimmins, LT 1, 2014