LT Reflection: Not so Normal Days


Within the past couple of days here at Camp Lincoln, campers have experienced the special day, Extreme Dream, finished Sam Cote Classic, and begun block six of activities. On July 2, the divisions began their different Extreme Dream activities. On the nights of July 3 and 4, the intermediate and senior campers finished their Sam Cote Classic journeys. This special day and evening activity brought many smiles to the campers’ faces and revitalized the camp a week before the big finale, Color Wars Part Two.

For Extreme Dream, the different divisions, junior, intermediate, and senior, all had different off camp activities throughout the day. Senior Division woke bright and early at 6:15 to go to Valley Fair. Once there, campers and staff enjoyed the whole day at the amusement park going on all kinds of rides. Intermediate division enjoyed a lazy-b breakfast before heading out to Kart Kountry for the morning. At Kart Kountry, campers were able to race go-carts, play mini golf, stand in at the batting cages, and fight in water wars. In the afternoon, the division went to a minor league baseball game: the St. Cloud Rocks home game. Campers got to experience the ballpark festivities and see the Rocks win handily. Last but not least, the Junior division and the LTs also had a lazy-b breakfast, which was followed by a cabin clue hunt around the camp to different activities. Once they had collected all of the clues from each activity, the eager junior campers figured out the connection, bowling. Sure enough, Junior division went bowling at Jack’s House after rest hour. After breaking into groups of five or six, most groups were able to finish two full games of bowling. Following bowling, we had a picnic dinner at Lum Park. Then junior went to waterslides for two hours. Overall, the whole camp had a blast at their activities and got hyped for the little time we have left at camp.

For Sam Cote Classic, Intermediate and Senior came together in ten different teams from major US sports leagues. These two days were the second part of a split up four-day event. On the first day, teams played two games each in soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football, and ultimate frisbee. On the second day, things got more interesting. The teams played their last regular season game in the same five sports, and after that was over, the LTs ranked the teams on their regular season for seeding in the playoff matchup. For the second game on day two, the first place game was soccer between the Broncos and Wild; the third place game was the Spurs against the Thunder at basketball; the fifth place game was at ultimate between the Packers and Lakers; the seventh place game was between the Blackhawks and Bulls at baseball; and the ninth place game was between the Knicks and Vikings at flag football. After those games concluded, the LTs and Sam Cote himself announced the final rankings for Sam Cote Classic 2k15 and presented the first place trophy to the Denver Broncos. Over the whole four-day experience, campers played hard and fair and were respectful, and the Senior 2s got a valuable leadership opportunity as coaches for their teams.

Camp has flown by. There is only one block of activities left, one special day, and then campers are going home. However, the last six days of camp are going to be the most energetic and fun for the campers with it all culminating in which teams rope snaps first – Color Wars.

Blog by Alex Dickey, LT1