LT Reflection: Ready, Set, GO!


With the first session LTs having left for home, the job of writing these blogs has passed on to us, the second session LTs.  We arrived a day before every other camper to have a night with just the seven LTs and two co-directors, Tom B. and Austin P. When we got to Camp Lincoln, we unpacked and left for a round of Frisbee Golf, where we met some of the new staff and directors. Following that, we headed to the dining hall and ate with all of the counselors. As we ate, a storm began to build. Near the end of dinner, the storm was so bad that the power went out and everyone was rushed downstairs to the basement. We all talked and waited for the storm to pass, and once it had, everyone was able to leave and head back to their cabins to see what Mother Nature did.  Leaves were everywhere, big branches had fallen, and whole trees were ripped out of the ground from the wind. No one got hurt, but the damage was very noticeable. Lincoln was lucky, though, as Hubert suffered some more damage, and lost power for several days due to the fallen trees.

The next morning, we prepared to depart on our LT Trip, which involved a day of rock climbing just north of Duluth off Lake Superior, followed by camping in a nearby state park. Unfortunately, we were informed that the rocks for climbing were not safe enough to climb because of the storm, so instead we spent the day at an indoor rock climbing facility, which was still a lot of fun. As we were leaving Camp Lincoln, we could see all the staff and counselors raking up branches and leaves in order to prepare for the campers’ arrival later that day. We were thankful we were leaving, as we were told that if we didn’t have the trip, we would have helped them all day. The drive over was an easy two and a half hours. Driving into Duluth, we saw no damage from the trees and it was sunny, while back at camp, it was cloudy. We rock climbed for about two hours at the Vertical Endeavors Adventure Zone, where we all did different skilled climbing routes and tried to get to the top. Later, we went to lunch at a pizza place across the street with empty stomachs, and we all shared two pies, one “Il Primo” and one “Old fashion cheese” both old world style. Following lunch, we drove to a hiking trail, walked around a lake (not Lake Superior… obviously), and talked about what we each have in common. After the hike, we hopped in the van and drove home.

When we got back, we saw numerous campers from last year and met with new campers. That night for dinner, we all spread out and caught up on things. At the end of dinner, we signed up for the first block. The dining halls were relatively empty, however, as there were kids that had just arrived from the airport because of the delay of the storm. In the morning, campers woke up, started with cabin clean-up, and then made their way to breakfast in the dining hall. Flag started up, where we said the Pledge of Allegiance and made announcements. As I went to Archery for my first period, I met and talked with some first-time campers. Then during second period, I met up with my fellow LT, Jake, and helped at the riding stables. After second period, I returned to Tamarack cabin for a little before walking to lunch fifteen minutes early with the other LTs. After lunch, I took a nap and later went with one of the sailing counselors, Griffin W., on a sailboat and tried to understand every word he used in Sailing.

Later, as the night went on, all the LTs walked around camp with torches to lead all of the campers to the opening campfire. During the opening campfire, the staff and LTs introduced themselves and discussed the history of camp. Alan talked about color wars; Colin explained the clubs and their difficulty; and I talked about the three main awards here at Camp Lincoln: The Brownie Cote, Chuck Everett, and Fred Rogers Awards. Once done with the campfire, we sang “Taps” and quietly went back to our own cabins. The second day of the first block, I ran the fifteen yard range with kids going for their first awards. Then in the afternoon, I skippered in sailing for the last thirty minutes. Having been assigned our cabin stays the night before, I walked over to the Kingfisher Cabin and introduced myself to all of the campers. At cabin stays, I talked, ate, did an activity, and started vespers with them. Before vespers could start, everyone had to do cabin clean-up because of their incomplete job they did that morning. During vespers, we did our favorite superpower and why, and played a game of Mafia.

Overall, it has been an eventful first few days. I can’t wait for what’s going to happen for the rest of the four weeks.

Blog by Sander Davis, LT1, Camp Lincoln