LT Reflection: Session 1 is Coming to an End


Even though the weather has been inconsistent, the energy at Camp Lincoln hasn’t been. All day, every day the campers are shouting with joy, and only bug juice and smiles can be found. Hard work towards goals and fun are found at every activity, from the waterfront to the barn.

Hard work and effort was just shown in the completion of the camp to camp swim. Multiple campers and LTs did this 1.3 mile swim. We had the motivation of our counselors kayaking with us throughout the swim and each other to complete the swim together. The best time was 34.4 minutes, and was completed by a young camper named Jack. Everyone was very proud to have completed this swim whether their best time or first time. After this swim, we all went to the cafeteria for the legendary Subway Lunch. We all chowed down after this workout, and then shared a Sundae on Sunday. This is one of my favorite camp memories because it involved challenge, fun, and a good lunch with friends.

Friends are a very important part of camp, and attending our last Birch Church together this session was bitter-sweet. We got to grow together, pray together, and share together. This session during Birch Church we have learned about the importance of Personal Growth and Development and Perseverance. Campers and counselors alike came up to share their stories of growth whether at camp or at home. I had witnessed camper Personal Growth and Development at High Ropes. I have seen campers with fear of heights do the three courses, and learn to conquer or contain their fear to complete an objective. I also saw campers struggle with the final part of the Power Pole struggle to finish it. At the end the pole is very shaky at the top, and you have to stand up on top and jump off. I saw campers react to their fear, and eventually conquer it to complete the course. I really enjoyed watching this Personal Growth and Development in all campers because trying new things, learning, and conquering fears is part of Camp Lincoln. We also heard of stories about perseverance. Perseverance is seen in the daily challenges of campers during their activities. I witnessed perseverance on the WOB at the waterfront. I see campers get pushed off, and keep fighting for control of a platform or the trampoline. I enjoy see the campers with the most perseverance that will keep trying to get on and push others off until they have the platform for themselves. I have even seen campers try to push the counselors off of the WOB, get thrown off in defeat, and then climb back up to face them again. Perseverance is important at camp whether you are going for an award or trying to finally win at tetherball.

Near the end of camp, the lessons of perseverance and personal growth and development have become clear, and we have all seen the improvements in ourselves and in others while at Camp Lincoln. Though the journey has been quick, the lessons will last a lifetime, and remain part of the reason why we go to Camp Lincoln.

Blog written by Tom Solano, LT1