LT Reflection: So Far This Session…


Camp is already a quarter done! In just a few short days the entire camp has completed a block (three days) of four amazing activities and even “escaped” from camp. We started the session looking forward to get back to activities from last year, or trying something new for the first time. Camp is so amazing because there is nowhere else in the world where you can go from horseback riding to kayaking in an hour. Camp Lincoln offers some incredibly diverse activities!

When we were done with the first three days of activities, it was time for our first special day, the Great Escape. Each division, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior, had their own ways of “escaping” from camp. For junior, their morning was spent competing in paper airplane contests to a Rock Paper Scissors tournament in order to earn a clue as to the whereabouts of a missing staff member. After completing these tasks successfully they discovered a clue describing where he was being held hostage. So after a quick lunch the juniors boarded bus to the bowling alley! When everyone arrived, it was discovered that it was necessary to bowl over 1600 points collectively to pay missing staff member’s ransom. With a little duct tape (don’t ask) and elbow grease, followed by a few gutter balls later, this goal was realized and Jon, the kidnapped staff member, and his saviors went to the water park to celebrate the rescue.

While the Juniors had a busy day, so did Intermediate and Senior. Intermediate went immediately to mini golf after breakfast to get some much needed relaxation after a hard three days of activities. After a good game of putt putt, the intermediate campers went to the ballpark to watch the local minor league team, the St. Cloud Rox, play. Seniors had an activity filled day too. They hopped on the bus right after breakfast to head off to paintball. After a few welts they boarded the bus and headed back to camp. They then joined their buddies in intermediate at the baseball game to help cheer on the Rox to finish the night. The Great Escape proves that no matter how old you are it is always fun to escape camp, whether it is to rescue a counselor or to rescue your golf game. It’s days like these where I am so glad to be part of a camp that willingly lets you escape to further enhance our camp experience. I am sure the next three special days will be just as thrilling as The Great Escape.

Blog by Alex Fowkes, Camp Lincoln LT 1