LT Reflection: Starting Strong!


It is only the first day and there is excitement in the air. My fellow LTs and I knew that this year was going to be great because we were going to make it great, for the campers and for ourselves. That’s why I’m here, anyway. I came here to give back the experience that I had as a kid. Even if I have to get nitty-gritty, I will get my job done to make camp a special place for campers.

We left on a trip the day the campers arrived and got back the first day of activities. We only got the chance to do the afternoon activities, but it was clear all of the campers had a blast that first day. It was a bit nippy but the kids loved their water activities. The giggles of happy campers filled the air and I knew it was going to be a good year.

The campfire that night was huge. The campers had to sit back 20 feet away to keep from burning up. I could feel the blazing heat on my back as I spoke up front, but I knew it was worth the while. We sang songs and talked about the camp experience. All the campers looked excited about the fun times they would have at camp, and did was I. I hope all of them have the same camp experience as I did!

Blog by Tully Morrison, Camp Lincoln LT 1