LT Reflection: Time Flies!


It amazes me how fast it all goes! We are already heading into last ten days of Camp! I guess the quote “time flies by when your having fun” really is true. It has been a fun week so far, as campers are all going about doing their favorite activities. The new two-week campers have arrived and settled in nicely into the camp community, which is great as well. I think that it is a really cool thing to watch when the four-week campers see new faces come into camp with completely different backgrounds. I like to observe when current campers leave and new ones come in, because it reminds me how unique Camp Lincoln really is. With camp’s variety of awesome activities and fun special days, there is so much for everybody to bond over.

On the 29th of July, the Intermediate and Senior Division had an unforgettable night packed with action. After dinner, we all went to play a great big game of capture the flag. The two teams were named after different kinds of hot sauces. The game was a blast to be part of, and very appropriately ended being a Camp Lincoln tie. After the evening activities, every division got ready for their respective campfires. I was not part of the two-week campfire, but I’m heard it was great. The two-week campers learned about some of the long-standing camp traditions we do here at Camp Lincoln. Counselors and LT’s also explained how campers could take advantage of what camp has to offer. Personally, I was in the four-week campfire, and it was one of the most entertaining campfires I’ve ever been in. We sang lots of camp songs and performed skits, and had lots of energy while doing so. Everybody was getting themselves involved, making it even better. My personal favorite parts of the campfire were when we dropped a beat and did the four-week rap. Campers would individually stand up and rap about something to the beat. Everybody loved it.

As the tone of the campfire calmed down, some counselors got up and talked to all of us of how to take advantage of our few weeks at camp. They presented us with the message of how special it was to be experiencing Camp Lincoln for an entire month. We all listened attentively, knowing that it really is a privilege to be at Camp Lincoln with all of our camp friends. It is sad to think that it will come to an end in just over a week, but it also reminds me of how many amazing memories I have made throughout the session. Anyways, after that epic campfire, campers continued doing activities in block 5. But tomorrow on July 31st, we will all encounter something out of the ordinary! Extreme Dream, which is one of camp’s special days, will be lots of fun in its own new way. I am sure all the campers are excited for it, as the Division Directors have built up lots of hype for the day.

It is still a mystery of what is actually to take place tomorrow since I still need to experience my “extreme dream” for the night. But regardless of how it turns out, I am positive that tomorrow will be legendary. As I look back on the past two weeks here at Camp Lincoln, I realize that I have made tons of new camp memories I will remember forever. Over these last two weeks of this 2015 summer in Camp Lincoln, I hope lots of campers can make these memories just as I have. Camp Lincoln is a very rare place on earth in which boys from all over the world can join together to have the time of their lives. With so many new friends to make and fun things to do, Camp Lincoln will always be that special place for me.

Blog written by Camp Lincoln LT 1, Colin Campbell