LT Reflection: Traditions and Special Days!


Every day, we embark on another beautiful day at Camp Lincoln, but Thursday was a different sort of day. Thursday was the day of our annual Firewatch Campfire. The event started with a fun campfire filled with songs and the classic Alaskan Hummingbird story told by two counselors who thrive in the category of comic relief. The story was full of laughs and it put everyone into a good mood before the next part of the night began. As the campfire began to wind down, the youngest and oldest campers carried the embers of the fire to the Emu Pit, where the fire would last through the night. The LTs were assigned to wake up at the wonderful time of 2:10 am to complete our shift of watching the fire. We watched the fire and enjoyed some milk and cookies as we had our nightly vespers. We returned to the cabin, went to sleep and woke up the next morning excited to spend another day at camp. The fire made it through the night, and the next day, the Firewatch Campfire was completed with great success when some campers placed the wrapped beef under the piping hot rocks. The meat cooked slowly throughout the day and became extremely tender!  That night, we feasted!

Friday was also a unique sort of day in the sense that it pulled all the campers together and put them in a great mood. All the counselors, campers and LTs participated in “Cotechella.” The name is a spinoff of the popular music festival Coachella in California. During Cotechella, the campers enjoyed some great music and carnival themed games. On top of that, the campers also enjoyed some delicious snow cones and popcorn courtesy of the LTs. The LTs were in charge of a few of the games, the food, and a couple of the LTs just walked around giving campers opportunities to win tickets. The campers also had the opportunity to pool their tickets together and enter them in fun raffles for prizes. For example, the Gopher Cabin won a Bog trip with the Division Director, Graham Willer. The raffle winners were announced at the end of the event.

Tonight, all the Intermediate and Senior Campers rushed to the dining hall for Casino Night. In this special event, campers wagered tickets on casino themed games like Texas Hold’ Em, Hi Lo, and Horse Racing. If a camper was lucky enough and had the right amount of tickets, he was accepted into the High Rollers Club. This was a club that had music, food and more casino games. Only the campers with the highest amount of tickets were allowed in this luxurious club with top class service. The LTs were in charge of serving bug juice and snacks to all the High Rollers. While Intermediate and Senior was having all this fun, Junior Camp was having loads of fun with an evening activity called “Tractor.” The activity was called Tractor to disguise the fact that the activity was a huge Jell-O Bowl – a long-lasting Junior Camp Tradition. During Jell-O Bowl, campers and counselors got to complete different tasks with Jell-O, and at the end, the event concluded in a huge Jell-O war.

This first week at camp has been busy and filled with fun and activities. The best part is, we are only a week into camp. There are tons and tons of fun activities to still be done.

Blog written by Jake Jones, Camp Lincoln LT1