LT Reflection: Viva Las Firewatch


This week at Camp Lincoln for boys, campers experienced the combination of one our oldest traditions and a new special day. The result was a whole lot of fun! The spectacle began on Friday night with the Firewatch campfire. At the campfire, the history of Firewatch was told. It started off with an explanation of how the fire is kept lit all night and moved along to the story of how the infamous Alaskan Hummingbird was captured.

After another yearly rendition of Canadian Wilderness, cabins began to take turns watching the fire, adding logs, eating cookies and milk, and engaging in a meaningful vespers planned by their counselors. As the night continued, each cabin had their chance to keep the fire burning bright in order to heat the rocks for the Emu pit. The Emu pit is a tradition brought to camp from a former staff member who was stationed in the Pacific Islands. After a night of keeping watch, the rocks were heated enough to cook beef buried in the ground which was used in a special ceremony after breakfast.

Immediately after Firewatch, the special day Viva las Lincoln began. Viva las Lincoln was a combination of two camper favorites, Casino night and Carnival. The two events were blended into a never before seen special day. The beginning of the day consisted of a casino morning with many classic games like horse racing and black jack mixed in with camp games such as Corn Hole and Indian Leg Wrestling. Lucky Jackson, the owner of the Camp Lincoln Casino needed help in order to defeat the infamous young Money Bags McGee who was attempting to buy the camp. Campers used their tickets to bet and win more tickets to keep Money Bags McGee from buying Camp Lincoln and the casino from Lucky Jackson.

The casino fun continued until lunch. After lunch and rest hour, the real fun began. The staff set up several bouncy houses and slides for the kids to use their tickets on as well as a variety of snacks. The LTs ran the snow cones, pickle on a stick, popcorn, and cotton candy. Campers were able to spend several hours running around with their friends to all the various activities. The night was ended with eating the Alaskan Hummingbird and having cabin chill time.

Special days are always one of the most memorable days at camp because they are a day where the entire camp comes together to have fun as a community. The community here at camp is something that is strong year after year and can only be understood once it is experienced. Special days are a time for that community to be together and try something totally unique and have a change of pace. Campers were able try something new with their newfound friends, strengthen the bond of the camp community as a whole, and as always, have a lot of fun.

Blog Written by Camp Lincoln LT 1, Colin Kelly