LT Reflection: We’re Rockin’ & Rollin’ Along!


Good morning from Minnesota! I hope you are all doing well! This is the second of six blogs we will be sending out to you guys as the other LT 1s as we try to keep you up to date on all the great experiences and stories that make Camp Lincoln such a special place. So far, it’s been an awesome week with tons of righteousness! Two days ago we all had a rockin’ time on our Great Escape, we had a lazy breakfast yesterday, yesterday was the Three-Week arrival, and we’re going to fill you in on all of it!

Zzzzzzzzzz… What is that deafening noise I’m hearing? It must be Camp Lincoln’s first Lazy B of the summer flying away. That’s right! Yesterday, the campers and staff were able to sleep in and didn’t have to be at breakfast until 8:30! Our awesome Kitchen Staff put in another hard day of work to give us this super special breakfast to enjoy. The food served included bacon, sausage, hash browns, and fried eggs, and was delicious as always!

As I mentioned, two days ago was the Great Escape or, as the Lincoln boys refer to it, the Great Escapé. The wonderful city of Brainerd welcomed our Junior Division as they struck down pins at the bowling alley and later zoomed down the terrific waterslides! The Intermediate Division and Senior Division flew through the alpine slides, splashed their way into the black hole, and I even saw some Ricky Bobby slingshotting on the Go-Kart track at the one and only… WILD MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE PARK! Both campers and staff alike had a blast on our field trip to the park, and after such an exciting and relaxing day, we all rolled back into Camp with a smile from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, we also had Intro Camp depart this week. Although it was sad to see the Beaver and Apache Cabins leave, it was reassuring to see the one-weekers having a great time up here in Minnesota. After talking with some of the Intro Campers, I realized that they all wanted to return for longer next year! Even though the Intro Campers may have left, don’t you fret and don’t you frown, because we just welcomed this session’s Three-Week Campers the Lincoln way, with the Welcome Song! No matter what I may write here, there is no way I can describe the anticipation and excitement every member of our camp family feels right now! It’s been an awesome session so far and we’re just getting started! Please make sure to check up with us regularly so we can tell you about all the awesomeness yet to come! Have a fantastic rest of the week and we will make sure to keep you in the loop!


Parker Weber, Camp Lincoln for Boys, Leadership Training Level 1