Marianne LeVine
(2003-2007, S2010)

Contact info:

Cabins: 2003: Chipmunks; 2004: Fawns; 2005: Windy Lodge; 2006: Clubhouse; 2007: LT1; 2010: Robins and Orioles (Counselor)

Education: Stanford University; International Relations and French, Master’s in Journalism

Occupation: Reporter, POLITICO

Tell us how your adventure with Camp Lake Hubert began.

My first summer at Camp Lake Hubert was the summer before I started seventh grade. My dad wanted to send me to a traditional girls-only summer camp in the Midwest, where he grew up. He found out about Camp Lake Hubert from his best friend, who had sent his daughter. The first two weeks of the four-week session were a tough adjustment since I had never been away from home for more than four days. I am still so grateful to the counselors in the Chipmunks Cabin who were incredibly patient with me and helped me make the most of my first summer at Camp Lake Hubert.


What are a few of your favorite memories from Camp Lake Hubert?

One of my favorite memories from Camp Lake Hubert was returning in 2010 as a camp counselor. I had a blast getting to know my campers and watching them become more independent and self-confident over two or four weeks.

As a camper, I loved screaming my lungs out every year for Color Wars, learning to sail, spending the night in a canoe when I was an LT, singing camp songs at Bass Lake and dancing to 80’s music at Rally Day.

What is your favorite camp quote and when did it come about?

I have so many favorite camp quotes but one of my favorites is this:

“You don’t need to know precisely what is happening or where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment and to embrace them with courage, faith, and hope.”

This quote was on my LT plaque in the summer of 2007 and I find that it still applies to my life today. I often think about it when I am stressed about work or unclear what direction my life is going in- as is so common in college and the mid 20’s. The quote is a beautiful reminder to embrace the present.


Do you have any interesting travel stories about getting to camp, camp canoe trips, or traveling with camp friends?

I remember I went on a camping trip my first or second summer at camp, and we went kayaking on Lake Superior. It was beautiful, but I remember not having the arm strength to keep up with everyone. Luckily, there was an older camper who allowed me to attach my kayak to hers, and she helped kayak us to the meeting point with the rest of the counselors and campers. It’s that type of camaraderie that makes Camp Lake Hubert such a special place.

What are some of the things you learned at camp?

Camp helped me a lot with becoming more self-confident and independent. There’s something truly special about being in an environment where everyone accepts you for who you are no matter what and where silliness and fun are encouraged. The range of activities combined with the support I had from my friends and counselors helped me learn to have more confidence in my decision-making. I also learned to be open to new experiences, which hopefully has stayed with me.


What was your favorite camp meal and dining tradition?

The butter chicken at banquet was always the best! I loved banquet because it was a wonderful way to celebrate all our accomplishments. I also loved the bagel dogs at Rally Day.

My favorite dining tradition was the table beats after every meal. They create such a fun sense of community. I remember showing my parents the beats when I got home, but they were not as pleased to see them performed on our dining room table.

What did you love most about Camp?

I loved that I felt like I could be exactly the person I was at summer camp and would always feel accepted by my friends and counselors. The sense of community from being in an all-girls environment where the only things that matter are friendship, personal growth and having fun, is something that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


What is the biggest takeaway you have from camp?

My biggest takeaway from camp is the importance of being yourself and having confidence that those who matter will accept you for who are no matter what.


Where did life take you after your camping years on the shores of Lake Hubert?

I graduated from Stanford University with degrees in International Relations and French in 2013. I stayed for a fifth year and got a Master’s in Communication from the Stanford Graduate Program in Journalism. Right after, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I have lived ever since. I am now a journalist at POLITICO, where I cover money and politics.

How do the lessons learned and experiences gained from camp impact your daily life?

Camp helped me embrace who I am and taught me how important friendships/personal relationships are to me. As I’ve gotten older, it’s so easy to get caught up with work and lose a sense of balance. But I think camp played a key role in teaching me that it’s most important to embrace relationships and to try to be a good friend. Camp also taught me to open to new experiences and to not be afraid of meeting new people. At camp, I met people from different areas of the country and the world and learned from their perspective as a camper and counselor. The practice of being open-minded has helped me in my career as a journalist where it is required to understand how both sides may see an issue.


What else would you like your Camp Family to know?

I would like my camp family to know that even though I haven’t been as good about staying in touch as I would like, I am so grateful for the friendships and memories we shared during my time at Camp Lake Hubert. Even though we spent the majority of our time apart, the summers with my camp family were always the highlight of my year. It’s impossible to look back on my adolescence and not think of the many adventures, the love and the laughter we shared. My CFABs played a key role in my growing up and will always have a very special place in my heart.

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