Michael Badum

(1999-2007, S2010-2016, S2018)

Contact info: badum.michael@yahoo.com 

Cabins: 1999: Gopher, 2000: Badger, 2001: Beaver, 2002: Apache, 2003: Eagles, 2004: Chippewa, 2005: Olympic Club, 2006: Senior, 2007: LT1; S2010-2011: Badger and Mohawk (Fishing AS and Head Counselor)  S2013-2016: Division Director, 2018: Head Counselor

Education: AS in Agricultural Science, NREMT Certified

Occupation: EMT

What is a LONA and why would you consider yourself one of them? LONA stands for League of Notable Alumni and refers to alumni who return to camp to volunteer, especially during work crews and staff orientation. I come back to camp because Camp Lincoln has shaped me into the man I am today. I want to give the current staff and counselors some of the tools I learned when I was a camper and staff member. I hope they can use these lessons to positively influence campers lives like my counselors did for me. I want to give back.

How were you first introduced to Camp Lincoln?  I was introduced to camp by my uncle Steve McGrath(1971-1976). My brother Paul(1997-1998, 2000-2001) and my sister Annie(2009-2016) also went to camp. My cousin Pat McGrath(2000-2002, S2011-2015) also attended and worked at camp.

What did you like most about Camp Lincoln?  Getting to meet new people from around the world was terrific. The friendships that you make are life-changing.

What is one of your favorite camp memories?  I really remember cabin beats in Junior Dining Hall. Each cabin would make up their own beats. The energy was incredible!

What is the biggest takeaway you have from camp?  Seeing the best in everyone. You meet people from all over the world and different walks of life. Without camp, you wouldn’t have a chance to meet them otherwise. At home, you hang out with people who share your interests. At camp, you are with others who authentically care about you and others.

Do you have a camp mentor you look up to?  Blake Holman(1993-2001, S2004-2007) had the most positive attitude. He could command your attention and he knew exactly what to say in any situation. Blake was always a positive influence and would push others around him to be the best they could be.

Is there a particular Camp Lincoln Creed you try to live by? Camp Lincoln Creed #1 “I am third, God is first, others are second, I am third.” I really enjoy helping others. I’ve tried many jobs but I really want to make a difference. That’s why I’m an Emergency Medic and why I’m in school now to become a paramedic and ER tech. You have to put others needs in front of your own. That’s why I want to become a paramedic!

What are some of your favorite activities? I was the kind of camper who wanted to experience it all, so I signed up for lots of different activities. I really enjoyed the canoe trips. I remember one in particular to the Boundary Waters. I was with a group of friends I had been going to camp with for seven years. We reminisced and laugh so much that canoers from across the lake came over and asked us to quiet down!

Can you elaborate on any lasting friendships you have from camp? I’ve made friends for life, Cameron Bourdon(S2012-2013, 2018) and my college roommate Ryan Littman(S2013)Susan Bontoft(S2015), who was on staff when my sister was a camper, flew from Australia and stayed with us for a month when I had surgery.  I don’t know what else you would call that than being a great camp friend.

What were your positions as a staff member? I was a head counselor, fishing AS and a division director for three years.

What is your favorite camp meal? Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Favorite camp song? Canadian Wilderness


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