Natalie Faust (2005-2008, 2010-2011)

Birthday: December 17, 1993

Contact Info:

Years at Camp Lake Hubert:

  • 2005: Wrens
  • 2006: Robins
  • 2007: Fawns
  • 2008: Nutcracker
  • 2010: LT I
  • 2011: LT II

Thoughts from Laura Nolan, Director, Camp Lake Hubert: I have known Natalie for nearly seven years and in my early interactions with her, it was apparent Natalie was destined for an exceptional and wonderful journey down life’s path.  Upon meeting Natalie, I met a humble, gentle, polite, young lady.  Over these seven summers, I have known her to be all that, as well as positive, sweet, genuine and a creative problem solver.  Compliments from those that have evaluated her include: …beyond helpful, incredibly supportive,  her attitude brings a great vibe, plans well, anticipates problems, she’s simply amazing, impeccable time management and organizational skills, always asks what needs to be done.  These are only a few of the outstanding traits Natalie Faust brings to whatever she does.  Natalie was an ideal role model of our core values of Community, Excellence, Fun, Personal Growth and Development, and Quality Relationships.  She thrived in this environment and connected and mentored the campers she lived with as well as those in her activity areas.  She spent over 150 hours each of those LT summers in community service both in the Brainerd Lakes Area at such organizations as Camp Confidence as well as service within Camp Lake Hubert.  Natalie brings tremendous leadership and compassion to the community.  She has a strong drive, a gentle spirit and is adored by all those around her.  Natalie has been one to follow rules and policies, yet is able to encourage a playful atmosphere when working with the children.  She is talented, articulate, and intelligent.  She works very hard, staying on task and striving to do her best at all times.  Natalie is versatile and able to move easily between age groups.  She is mature and polite around adults, upbeat and fun around the youngest of campers, and intentional, respectful and engaging with older/teenaged campers.  The adoration she shows toward others is reciprocated by children of all ages as is the great love and respect she shares with her peers.  Natalie is very self-aware and determined.  In reading Natalie’s journal entries during Phase II of her Leadership Training program, she clearly articulated what she had learned each day and how she intended to adapt, make changes, and improve.  Prior to her move from a two-week visit in our youngest cabin directly into another two-week stay in our oldest cabin, she recognized the challenges, and concerns going from working with eight-year-olds to 15-year-olds.  She set forth a plan to make her connections to the older campers more effective and endeavored to create an open community from the very first day.  She was wonderfully successful building that welcoming environment for both age groups due to her diligence and thoughtfulness.  It is that same planning and diligence that has kept Natalie from experiencing any significant disappointment during my time knowing her, as she has intentionally worked hard prior to the big moments, so that she has been prepared for each potential turn of events.  She handles small upsets and transitions with grace and ease, though I know inside she is turning each “what if” over in her mind, to determine how to do it better the next time.  She proved that to be true in her successful transition between the first and second year phases of the LT Program.  Natalie is in the top 1% of the extraordinary women I have seen go through the LT Program.  Her character is impeccable.  She lives her life with integrity and consistently stands up for what she knows to be the best decision for her life’s pursuits.

Hometown: Parkland, Florida High

School: St. Thomas Aquinas High School, 2012 High School

Activities: Forensics, Speech, Debate, National Honor Society (president Sr. year) and volunteers with Horses and The Handicapped South Florida

College: Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, entering fall 2012

How were you first introduced to Camp Lake Hubert?
 The year after 4th Grade, a family friend of ours, Dan Fazio (parent of Dannie Fazio camper 1999-2000, 2002-2003), recommended our family to Camp Lake Hubert.

Where does your story with Camp Lake Hubert begin?
  My first memories of CLH, are late in the evening on arrival day in 2005.  I arrived late with Rachel Bass (camper 2005).  Several of the counselors were eating in the dining hall.  Our counselor, Joy, started to teach of several of the dining hall “beats”.  At that time, CLH didn’t have a “2-week beat”, so we made it up that night.

What are a few of your favorite memories from camp?
 Color Wars! I was captain during my LT I year with Rachael Mabie (camper 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011).  Just being in Color Wars is an amazing learning opportunity, leadership and being part of a team.  I wrote about CLH Color Wars in several college essays.  I also remember my first kitchen raid, when I was in Wrens.  It was late in the session, and several of the other cabins had already gone on them.  Our counselors woke us in the middle of the night – we finally got into the kitchen.  We had a lot of cookie dough and ice cream! Our counselors thought it was the greatest.  We were screaming, we were all so happy!

What is your favorite camp quote? Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.  Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking a moment and making the best of it, without knowing what is going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity. -Gilda Radner

What are some of the most memorable things you learned at camp? Camp Lake Hubert has taught me a lot of things, but there is one thing that stands out most.  No matter how hard a task seems, you have to keep going.  I learned this from one of my LT cabin mates, Joan Hancock (camper 2004-2006, 2010-2011).  Joan earned her Maximum in LT at the riflery range minutes before senior banquet.  When things seem hard in school, I keep pushing myself.

What activities did you focus on during your LT years? LT I – Waterfront (Minimum and LT), Riding and High Ropes (Maximum); LT II – Biking and Fitness (Minimum), Camp-to-camp Swim (Special Project). I organized the camp-to-camp swim with Rachael Mabie.  We thought our struggle would be getting campers to sign up and do their laps before the swim to qualify.  We were wrong- we had a ton of campers and staff willing to oversee the event.  The hardest part was getting the canoes from Bass Beach to the waterfront dock on Hubert.  Rachel and I carried all of the canoes over ourselves!

What did you get out of the LT Program?  The LT Program taught me how to be a good leader.

What are you looking forward to leading up to college? I will be attending Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and will be leaving in a couple of weeks for orientation.  I will be going on a rock climbing repelling ropes trip with several other freshman.  I am really looking forward to it!

Have you thought about a major? International Business and Economics.  I have always been interested in travel and foreign relations.  I also LOVED Econ my senior year of high school!

Have you thought about coming back to CLH to be on staff next summer? It is too soon to make the call.  It all depends on what opportunities come up this year.  I always want camp to be a part of my life.  CLH gave me something that I can never forget.