Introducing Our New Logo and Look

As we prepare for the summer of 2020, we remember the traditions that have shaped the past 110 years of Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. The songs, stories, and conventions set in place years ago are still cherished today. They bind our past and present to create a connection that empowers staff, campers, and alumni in both small and significant ways. With a society that is constantly changing, and sometimes not in our best interest, it is a gift to visit camp.

With growth, change is inevitable, but only change when and where it is needed. There have been new activities added every year, new buildings, and traditions. Today has brought about an exciting change we cannot wait to share. Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are delighted to announce our new logo and brand identity.

The Journey to Our New Image:

With the help of Minnesota’s Little + Co., we have developed a new image that embodies camps’ values and traditions and evokes the rustic Northwoods. After interviews with campers, staff, and members of our corporate office, Little + Co. determined consistent themes that ran deep in our community and served as inspiration for this process.

Those themes were:





“There is something for everyone, no matter who you are, so it makes you feel free to be yourself.” “Camp is the only place kids are getting interpersonal skills. There used to be a novelty in the activities, but now the relationships are the draw” “Excellence is about the relentless pursuit of success. We teach determination.”
“Any stress from school or home slips away at camp, and makes it possible to just have fun and feel free.” “Everyone here is helpful and kind, serving each other. These are kids being nice” “These are strong, independent women [on staff] who can handle a chainsaw.”
“Camp makes you feel free, not judged. Safe.” “Campers leave here as better people” “Camp taught me how to work hard.”

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert wanted to take what was familiar from our old logo and turn it into something that means more. What you see at first glance looks like a pine tree, but it is actually made up of several symbols – a tent, a red pine, and an arrowhead.


The tent represents the campers and staff, the freedom they find at camp, and the sense of home they feel. Although we primarily sleep in cabins, there is nothing more special than having an overnight in a tent or taking a trip to a state park with your cabinmates. Through the adventure of sleeping under the stars and waking up with the sun, there is an undeniable feeling of freedom. Freedom from social pressure, schoolwork, and technology. That feeling encompasses the feeling campers and staff feel all summer. It is here that they have the freedom to disconnect and find who they are in a welcoming and safe community.

The red pine tree represents the personal growth that campers and staff develop over a summer, as well as the many red pines found at our Minnesotan camp. One of our official core values is “Personal Growth and Development”. That has actually become a well-known chant for all campers – “PG&D”. In fact, it is the only chant that developed from a core value. It also something to be said that the red pine, the state tree of Minnesota, is essentially impenetrable. It a resilient tree that does not fall victim, like other trees, to the natural elements. Regardless of strength, the red pine still depends on the help of the sun’s rays to grow into the tree it is meant to be.

Much like the arrows at the ever-popular archery range, the arrowhead represents camp activities that contribute to the fabric of every experience at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. These activities that not only teach others how to aim with a bow and arrow, they also teach grit, determination, and excellence.

All of these combine to make one singular symbol that embodies camp. One only needs to see our logo to know who we are.


Starting today, you will see our new logo and identity appear on our website, social media, merchandise, brochures, and flyers. Although we have a different look online and in print, we are still the same at heart. We will always be the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert that taught you, and/or your child, how to thrive as a community, make face-to-face relationships, persevere when times were tough, and where the “land of true happiness is”.