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Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are committed to making high-quality camping accessible to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity. We also value a diverse community at camp. To achieve this, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert offer a Campership Program as well as a choice of convenient payment plans.


We are pleased to be able to offer a number of partial camperships and an occasional full campership as one option to lowering the cost of camp tuition.  However, the fund is limited and primary consideration must be made based on financial need.



The Campership Fund was started years ago in tribute to our former directors.  Each year, alumni and camp friends contribute to the fund, which supports a growing number of campers. The Campership Committee allocates the camperships and the American Camp Association administers the funds and as a 501(c) (3) organization, provides tax advantages to scholarship donors.



Scholarship Opportunities


Campership: A campership is a scholarship gift based on financial need. It is available for tuition payment only and does not need to be repaid.


Payment Plans: If circumstances require you to make payments spread out over time please contact our office at 800-242-1909 to discuss options.




Eligibility for a campership is determined by several factors: family situation, financial need, ability to contribute, other financial options, and impact of the experience and references. The Campership Committee works closely with each family, pursuing possible resources to cover costs beyond what the family can contribute.


We encourage all campership applicants to search out other options as well as this opportunity.  Often relatives are a good source of sponsorship.  Many of our campers have their tuition paid in full by grandparents, aunts/uncles, or sponsors.

How to Apply


1. Fill out an application form. A Scholarship Application Form is available through the camp office, or online.


2. Submit additional references, if available. References and/or recommendations from camp alumni, school personnel, social workers or clergy are of benefit to the process.


3. Submit your application, and any references, to the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Campership Committee. We encourage applicants to submit requests early.

Mail submissions to: Ruggs Cote
Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert
7460 Market Place Drive
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344


4. After the Campership Committee meets, recipients will be notified by mail in regards to their application.


5. If you would like, you may enroll for camp while you wait to hear about your application. Please notify the main office or write on your application form that you have enrolled and are waiting to provide payment.


Download all the forms here to get your child enrolled in camp.


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