Payment DatesPrior to January 15thJanuary 15thMarch 15thMay 1st
2 Week Sessions $500$1150$1150$1150
(+$150 Expense Deposit)
4 Week Sessions $750$2100$2100$2000
(+$250 Expense Deposit)

An expense deposit is required in addition to the camp tuition. This deposit payment is required in advance to serve as a drawing account for the camper. The final statement will invoice the estimated deposit for expenditures for the session in camp, i.e.

$150 for 2 Week Sessions | $250 for 4 Week Sessions

Items charged against this account when applicable: camp bedding, camp store items, illness expense, laundry, local and special trips, medical prescriptions, and yearbook.

Only those services actually used, or items purchased will be charged and any balance remaining will be refunded or overdraft will be billed in the fall.


Autopay Payment Option
A credit card is placed on file and is charged within a week of the payment due dates:  January 15th, March 15th, May 15th, and if needed, in the fall for final amount due. In September, an email will be sent with the final accounting including expenses/store purchases. A refund for any remaining expense account funds will then be issued, or the credit card will be charged for any overage.   A reminder email will be sent prior to automatic payments.

Bill Me

Invoices are sent for equal payments due on January 15, March 15, and May 15. Fall invoices will be sent should your camper have a balance.  You may either mail in a check, or log into your CampInTouch account and make a credit card payment.

Pay By Check

No credit card is entered upon enrollment, and the initial payment check is mailed to our office.  Equal payments are due January 15, March 15, and May 15. An invoice will be sent approximately two weeks prior to due dates.  A discount of $100 (4 weeks) and $50 (2 weeks) is available for paying your full tuition by check.

Create Your Own
If you have a preferred way to make your payments, please give us a call.  We will work with you to make camp an affordable investment in your child. To discuss this option please call camp at 952-922-2545. Please ask for Stacey Dyer for Camp Lake Hubert, André Brewer for Camp Lincoln, or Ruggs Cote for either camp.


DatesNon-refundable Application FeeJanuary 15 - March 14
March 15-31April 1 - May 14Beginning May 15
2 Week Sessions$500App Fee + $300App Fee + $825App Fee + $2000Full Tuition
4 Week Sessions$750App Fee + $600App Fee + $1600App Fee + $3250Full Tuition

No reduction of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure or dismissal.


Complete Protection for your Camp Tuition

What if… Your child is sick or injured or is unable to attend camp for ANY reason?

Or if… Your child receives a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for next summer, or simply decides to try something different?

Or if… A family emergency or personal financial situation makes it imprudent or impossible for your child to go to camp?

Or if… Your child decides he or she is not ready to attend overnight camp this summer?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are pleased to offer a program that protects your camp investment if you find it necessary to cancel for ANY reason prior to the start of camp. The Tuition Assurance Program is optional and must be selected and paid for at the time you enroll your child for camp. The Tuition Assurance Program Fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Assurance Program Fees

  • 2 Week Session: $285
  • 4 Week Session: $500

Tuition Assurance Program Fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tuition Assurance Program the same thing as Trip Cancellation Insurance?

No. Insurance programs only protect you in the event of specific insured situations (medical emergency, death in the family, loss of job, etc.) and typically have a deductible. With TAP, you can cancel prior to the start of camp for any reason and 100% of your payments are protected. TAP is more accurately described as a Cancellation Fee Waiver Program, whereby you receive different cancellation options if you sign up for the program. It is more like buying an unrestricted airline ticket as opposed to a non-refundable ticket or one that has penalties attached to changes.

Are my payments really protected if my child cancels without a good reason?

Yes. You do not need to give a reason to cancel under TAP. The only requirement is that you send us a written cancellation before camp starts. Depending on when you cancel, a portion of your payments will be retained as a credit for a future camp session for your child or a sibling, and the remainder will be refunded.

Why would I choose The Tuition Assurance Program?

With TAP, you can cancel for any reason and 100% of your tuition payments are protected. In addition, if your child needs to leave camp early, the remaining prorated balance will be retained as a credit that can be used toward tuition another summer or transferred to an immediate family member.

Can I sign up for the Tuition Assurance Program at any time?

No. You MUST sign up and pay for TAP at the same time you enroll your child. If you do not sign up for TAP and find it necessary to cancel, you will be subject to the standard cancellation penalties outlined during registration.

Will I get 100% of my money back if I enroll in the Tuition Assurance Program and need to cancel?

Below outlines how your payments are protected if you are enrolled in TAP and need to cancel:

  • Prior to January 15: All tuition payments refunded
  • January 15 – March 14: 10% of tuition held as credit, remaining refunded
  • March 15-31: 20% of tuition held as credit, remaining refunded
  • April 1- May 14: 30% of tuition held as credit, remaining refunded
  • May 15 to Session Start: 50% of tuition held as credit, remaining refunded

Tuition Assurance Program Fee is non-refundable.

Additionally, should your camper have to depart for medical reasons or is dismissed early, the remaining prorated balance will be credited to a future session.


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