Recruiting Around The World

Our office recruits staff from all over the world. During the school year, our camp travels across the US visiting colleges, and internationally at recruiting fairs. Get an inside glimpse of what it is like recruiting international staff,  and learn the benefits of a face-to-face meeting at summer jobs and internship fairs. This was written by Camp Lincoln Assistant Director Cameron Bourdon.

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Getting There

After delayed flights, 2 missed connections, and nearly 30 hours of travel, I found myself in the beautiful city of Bratislava, Slovakia. Despite the delays, there is nothing I would do to change my experience in Europe. For a week I traveled with Chris McNeely from Bratislava to Budapest, Hungary and Manchester, England. Our task – find the next group of all-star staff to join Lincoln and Hubert for Summer 2019. We explored castles, navigated bustling city centers, indulged in local dishes, and enjoyed the company of the current and former staff. Aside from the sheer beauty and storied history of each of these cities, this trip gave me an opportunity to meet some amazing men and women. Those who will very soon leave the comfort of their family and friends and embark on a new adventure in Minnesota.

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Bravery Unmatched

When recruiting staff, it is easy to overlook the challenges and sacrifices made by these young men and women. Many of them are leaving home for the first time. The excitement and opportunity to travel and meet new people often blocks out the noise of doubt, fear, and unfamiliarity. In Bratislava, I met people who traveled overnight by train from Eastern Slovakia just to speak with us and potentially embark on one of the greatest summers of their life.

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Benefits of a Face-to-Face Meeting

In my brief recruiting history, there is something undeniable about meeting a person on their ‘home turf.’  Meeting future staff face-to-face develops a stronger bond. I get to see where they’ve grown up, go to school, pick up groceries, how they spend their free time, and more. I see the culture and the people that surround them. For the most part, the interviews I conduct are over phone or video message. By meeting potential staff in person, I can relate to them before they arrive at camp in May or June. Instead of greeting them for the first time as they enter camp, I can greet them like an old friend.

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A Home Away From Home

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to travel around for work. It allows me the chance to build quality relationships that will grow once up on the shores of Lake Hubert. I have called Minnesota my home for many summers and I am excited to welcome a new group of staff and campers to the north woods in 2019. I hope my home away can become their home away from home. I can’t wait to see all the staff we’ve recruited in the next few weeks. Together, we will make the 110th summer the best one yet!

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We are accepting applications. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in jump-starting your career, please visit our staffing web page.