Returning Staff 2019

We have returning staff already signed up for Summer 2019! Some of these staff were here in 2018 and some are from yesteryear. It is a blessing to have staff from all different types of positions want to spend another summer with us. A summer filled with healing, organizing, feeding, and mentoring our Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Campers. You can bet that they are excited to see our campers again and I am sure the feeling is mutual.

Returning Staff as of December 20, 2018

Camp LincolnCamp Lake Hubert
Chris AndersonKaterina Bartonova
Kuba AtlakEmily Birch
Tom BreadsellMagga Bolithadottir
Reuben BroughtonEmily Clark
Jessica Esparza-AyalaMaddie DuBois
Teddy FischerKyla Edwards-Henderson
Keegan GaultEmily Farquhar
Muhammed Emin GonultasKirsty Goodman
Troy HardingInga Hellmuth
Daniel HockeyLaurel Hettinger
Tamas LakatosFrances Knaggs
Trevor MartianMolly LaFave
Diego MartinezSarah Lang
Taylor MasonJoyce Libra
Diana NewlanHarri Lloyd
Daniel PapvariBryony Martin
Maffitt RalloSara Ortiz
Matt RoeAle Palacios
Matt SaulnierMarian Ramirez (Mar)
Lewis ShipleyTayla Sklenars
Ryan SmithBrittany Thomspon
Johan Tapia Lily Tucker
Brent TaylorMcGarrah Wilson
Eduardo Vargas GalindoErin Vick
Patrick Williams
Matthew Watowich
Patrick Zoul

Camp Lincoln StaffCamp Lake Hubert StaffCamp Lincoln StaffCamp Lake Hubert Staff

If you have not enrolled, and this list is getting your camper pumped for the summer –  apply here. 

Any potential staff can apply here for another exciting summer on the shores of Lake Hubert.