Robert Eacret (1993-1999, S2001-2002)

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Contact Info:

Current City: San Diego, California

Cabins: Mohawk – 1993; Ranger – 1994; Bunkhouse – 1995; Olympic Club – 1996; Senior – 1997; LT I – 1998; LT II – 1999; Staff – 2001 (Gopher Cabin); Staff – 2002 (Beaver Cabin)

Roles: Camper, LT I & II, Counselor, Head Counselor, Skipper Trip Chaperone

Education: Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix, Arizona – 2000; University of San Diego, San Diego, California – 2004; Juris Doctor, University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, CA–2007

Occupation: Deputy District Attorney, Gang Prosecution Unit, San Diego DA’s Office Spouse:             Megan (Koren) Eacret (S2001)

Children: William (age 7), Risdon (2)

Where does your story with Camp begin?  How were you first introduced to Camp Lincoln? Growing up, my Grandma lived in Wisconsin, and I would visit her every summer.  In 1993, we were looking for a camp in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area for me to go to after visiting her.  We came across Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert at a camp fair in Phoenix, and were impressed.

Did any of your family members attend or work at Camp? My wife Megan worked at Camp in 2001.

What are a few of your favorite memories from your days at Camp Lincoln? When I think about Camp, Color Wars, songs in the dining hall, cabin cookouts, and walking to and from meals with friends, always stand out.

What are some of the things you learned at Camp Lincoln? The biggest thing I learned from Camp is a sense of community.  Taking pride in and working towards making the community you live in a better place.  Whether it is at Camp, high school, college or the city you end up in, Camp taught me that I should be invested in my community.  There is always something I can do to give back.  It’s amazing how Camp can teach campers at a very young age, how to deal with conflict, how to cooperate with, be conscious of, and care for those that they are living with.

What were some of your favorite Camp Lincoln activities? Sailing, Riding, Arts and Crafts.

Do you have any fun or funny travel stories about getting to Camp, canoe trips, or traveling outside of Camp with camp friends? Getting to Camp Lincoln was always pretty easy as a camper.  In 2001, my first year as staff, my then-girlfriend-now-wife, Megan, and I decided to drive from San Diego to Camp Lincoln.  Looking back, that could have really been a make or break point in our relationship.  Luckily she slept about 90% of the driving time, and didn’t get too annoyed with me.

What is your favorite camp quote, and when was it from? “PG&D”, Personal Growth and Development.  To this day, Megan and I, when frustrated with a challenging situation, will remind ourselves, “It’s all about PG&D.”

What was your favorite Camp meal or dining tradition?  Tacos and chicken patties.  I also loved cabin cookouts.

Can you elaborate on any lasting friendships you have from Camp Lincoln? Andre’ Brewer (S1990-2014) has gone from being a mentor (which he still is) to one of the very best friends I’ll ever have.  He has been there for me at every major milestone of my life, and through every tough spot.  I still stay in touch with the guys who I was an LT II with, and a lot of the staff I worked with.  We mostly stay in touch via Facebook now.  Camp also really helped my relationship with Megan, my wife, grow and evolve in many ways over our summer as staff.

What did you love most about Camp?  What is the biggest take-away you have from your days at Camp Lincoln? I love the fact that so many different people, from so many backgrounds can come together to form this really unique and special community.  Again the sense of caring about those in your community is my biggest take-away.

What are you up to now? My job is pretty demanding and time intensive, and with two young children, most of my time is spent at work or doing activities with Megan and the kids.  The summer between my first and second year at law school, I interned with the DA’s office, and instantly knew this was what I wanted to do.  It seemed to be the best way to use my law degree to contribute to the community I would be raising my kids in.  I spent the next two years clerking and interning with the office and have been a Deputy DA for the past six years.  It’s hard to say describe a typical day because we never know what a detective might bring through our door on any given day.   About 75% of my days, I’m in court in one capacity or another.  In the last six years, I’ve prosecuted almost every type of case starting out with misdemeanors like petty thefts and DUI’s (my first trial was prosecuting a man who shot his neighbor’s Nigerian Dwarf Goat with a pellet gun), working my way up to serious crimes like kidnapping, torture, and murder cases.  Currently, as a member of our Gang Prosecution Unit, I am more involved with the investigations as well.  I spend a lot of time out on the streets with our detectives interviewing witnesses, writing and reviewing search warrants, and visiting crime scenes.  All of this is done with an eye towards the jury trial that I will ultimately be handling.  There is never a dull day.   Ultimately, I think this is the greatest job a lawyer can have because I get to make the community a safer place, and as a prosecutor we are not beholden to a single client, we are beholden to doing the right thing on each case. Megan and I also have a family business that we started, a competitive, all-star, cheerleading gym, CheerSD ( We spend a lot of time and effort on that.  While working with our staff, the athletes and the gym, we also use a lot of lessons and techniques we learned at Camp.  Camp really provides both campers and staff with tools they will use when dealing with people for the rest of their lives.

Do you have a mentor you look up to or creed that you live by? I still look up to Andre’.  A quote I love, that is sort of a creed I try to live by is: “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: Freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” -Winston Churchill

What are some of your outside interests? I still really like sailing, when I can get the time to do it.  I love going to my son’s soccer or flag football games, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.