Science, Math, Summer Camp

During Summer 2018 we posted a video of campers making a volcano and watching it erupt. With complete confidence, we can say that is the first volcanic eruption on camp, but it won’t be the last. Last summer, Camp Lincoln introduced STEAM into the long list of activity offerings. Camp Lake Hubert now plans to host a STEAM activity along with several other new activities that we won’t reveal just yet.STEM Volcano

Most notably known as STEM education, STEAM education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The term has gained a lot of interest and seems to be at the forefront of every new educational program. The idea behind STEAM is to approach learning through project-based assignments that cover all of these subjects. STEAM was developed to encourage learners to take part in critical learning.

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert have been around for more than 100 years, so why are we introducing STEAM now?

Over the last 50 years, technology has advanced at an incredible rate and has become a major fixture in our society and individual lives. It has changed the way we travel, communicate, learn and much more. With the rapid advances in technology, standard education must keep up so young learners will have the chance to be competitive in a demanding job market. STEAM related careers are on the rise (14% increase 2012-2020) which is one of many of the reasons we decided to bring STEAM to Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.

Camp already offers so many skills-based, physically challenging activities. So, why not challenge the mind? And we mean CHALLENGE. Listen to a STEAM counselor describe the first day of every class:

“The kids will always fail the first time. They want to prove me wrong, and that’s ok. They have a theory, and it’s important to work through a theory. It shows they have followed through and can use their imagination. By letting the campers fail the first time they learn firsthand what they did wrong, what was ok, what to change and what should stay the same. They learn how to improve and their theory changes with it.”STEM CAMP LINCOLN

The STEAM program offers a wide variety of project-based activities that are so fun, campers can forget that they are learning. Campers have already learned about aviation, hydropower, structural engineering, rockets, and volcanoes, just to name a few.

STEAM adds a unique element to camp as it gives our campers an opportunity to leave with stronger intellectual skills. In the future, we hope to introduce robotics, coding, and physical science projects to our STEAM program.


Want to see what our STEAM classes are like in person? Enroll your child here and find out!