Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like during the summer?

During the summer, Northern Minnesota enjoys moderate temperatures averaging in the upper 70s to mid-80s (Fahrenheit). Occasional rain showers ensure lush green forests and vast green fields, while the regular, sun-filled sky provides the perfect warmth for a dip in Lake Hubert. Even in the early summer for May and June work camp we see plenty of bright sunny days for all of our activities. It can get chilly at night, so make sure to bring a sweatshirt and rain jacket! July and August warm up quickly, and ensure solid “Chaco tan” lines!

When can I start working at camp?

Typically, counselors and staff are enrolled in or have completed at least one year of college or university. Many staff have experience working with youth or know they want to pursue a career in youth development. Others will come to work at camp for their own personal and professional growth opportunities. Some former campers or staff will return to work with us summer after summer. Make sure and talk to our team about opportunities to pursue internship credits while working with us, too!

Where do your staff members come from?

Every year, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert hire staff members from all corners of the United States and the World! Over the past few years, counselors and support staff have represented about 40 of the 50 U.S. states, and other countries from all over the World, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and many others.

If I come with friends, will we be able to get the same time off?

At Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, the campers’ experience and well-being is our top priority. When we design the time off teams each session, activity skillset, certification and training, previous experience and a variety of other factors come into consideration. The goal is to provide the most even mix of staff based on what is best for the cabin, division, and whole-camp dynamic. So we cannot guarantee that you will be on the same time off as your best friends at camp, yet, a high-five passing by is always awesome! It is important to us that our staff is well rested and energized in order to provide the best service and experience to our campers.

How many people typically apply to work at CL and CLH? How many people are hired?

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert want to put together the best staff team to make every summer great. We are selective when hiring staff. In any given year, we receive about 700 staff applications between the two camps and hire about 225 of those prospective staff, including our returners.

What training does the staff have to complete?

All staff members are First Aid/CPR and AED certified. Depending on your position you may get certified as a Red Cross Lifeguard or in Wilderness First Aid. All of our team are required to attend our initial 10-day training called Orientation and Staff Development (OSD). During this training, all staff will learn the ins and outs of life at camp and are prepared to proactively and reactively respond to any situation that might occur at camp. After successfully completing OSD, staff will be prepared to lead their campers with confidence. Activity Directors and Specialists will go through additional training to help prepare them to lead with excellence.

How do I get to camp?

Most of our staff members do not come from Minnesota, so on designated Staff Arrival days, you can expect many staff to fly into the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport or drive straight to camp. Our Staff Coordinator will work with you to ensure that everyone gets a ride to camp, either from another staff member, or the Camp Van.

How do I get my Visa?

If you are accepted to work at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert, and you live in another country, we will work with an international agency to sponsor you for your J1 work Visa.

How do I get paid?

Staff are paid every two weeks by direct deposit into a US bank account. If you are from a different country, camp will work with you to set up a US bank account and get a debit card.

What will my salary be?

For staff members within the US, your salary is individually calculated according to a number of factors: certifications present before arriving to camp, your arrival and departure date, any outstanding qualifications or previous camp experience, your role, and a travel stipend. For those of you who are coming from outside of the country, your pocket money/pay will depend upon the agreements you have set with your sponsor agency. In addition to pay, all staff are provided room and board.

Can I get internship credit for school?

Yes, you can! Please inform the Staff Coordinator during your interview and ensure that all necessary paperwork is sorted before, or during, employment. We are delighted to help you with plans or ideas for internship deliverables.

Where will I live?

You will live in a log-style cabin built in the 1930s that has been renovated over the years. Most of the cabins are two stories with four rooms on the bottom and one upstairs. The four rooms include a counselor room, a center room for gathering, and two rooms for campers. Each cabin has a bathroom on the bottom floor and is in very close proximity to a shower house. There are also cubbies located in each cabin to store your personal belongings. Typically 4-6 counselors live in a cabin with 15-24 campers.

How old are the campers?

The campers at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert range in age from 6 years old to 17 years old.

How am I assigned an age/cabin group?

During the application process, you will be asked if you have a preferred age group. We will use this information as well as what we see in your strengths to determine which cabin you will be in.

Can I be placed in any age group?

Yes! We want to place you with the age group that will help you succeed.

How long do campers stay at camp?

Campers can choose from full and half sessions.

How is the food?

Our food is great! We value variety, with a wide array of delicious and nutritious food throughout each day. At breakfast, we offer a variety of cereal, a breakfast bar with oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit, and we also always provide an entrée and side, such as: pancakes and sausage, eggs and bacon, breakfast burritos and hash browns, etc.

Our lunches and dinners consist of a freshly cooked protein, vegetable sides, and, sometimes, a bread roll or some sort of potato dish. In addition, a large salad, fruit, and sandwich bar, at lunch and dinner. Fresh fruit is always available between meals, and snacks are given in the afternoon and evening.

Though most of our meals are eaten family-style in cabin groups, we do have regular special meals, field meals, cookouts, and our world-famous “International Food Night”.

Does camp accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are both able to accommodate a wide variety of special dietary needs. Just make sure to discuss with our Staff Coordinator and note on camp forms prior to your arrival at camp.

What if I get sick and/or need to take medication while at camp?

Our Health Centers at each camp are staffed with Doctors, Registered Nurses, health care providers, and those with emergency medical training. The healthcare team makes sure to tend to the medical needs of all campers and staff while camp is in session. This includes everything from caring for a sick camper or staff member in the Health Center, to delivering medication to campers and staff at meals and other applicable times. If you get sick while at camp or need a prescription filled, our nursing staff and our Camp Doctor will be able to help you with that.

In case of emergencies, we are a 20-minute drive from an emergency medical center.

What is the tattoo/piercing policy?

We ask that our staff remove body piercings while at camp, or at a camp-sponsored event. Females are allowed to keep basic stud earrings in their earlobes and wear a spacer in their nose. Most tattoos can remain uncovered while at camp, however, if one is deemed inappropriate the Staff Coordinator will discuss options with you about the best way to have it covered.

Can I keep my mustache/beard while at camp?

All facial hair (beards, goatees, and mustaches) must create an overall neat and professional look. Staff members without a mustache, beard, or goatee are expected to be clean-shaven every day. If you are concerned about your facial hair you can discuss it with the Staff Coordinator or Camp Director.

Can I bring my own car?

Yes! However, if you don’t have one, no worries, we provide a shuttle service into town every day off.

Can I do my laundry at camp?

Yes! We have free washing machines and dryers at each camp.

What are the activities like?

Campers choose their activities for four periods per day, three days at a time. Each of those activity periods is one hour long, with the focus being skill and character development. Staff members are assigned to work at activities based on their skills, abilities and the demand for staff in that area. For more information on the specific activities we offer, please select your respective camp: Camp Lincoln or Camp Lake Hubert.

What about time off?

We know it is important to receive the time you need to relax. During a four-week session, staff will have two Early Evenings (EEs) and two Days Off (DO). EE’s run from around 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. that night. Days off start around 5:30 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. the NEXT night. Staff who are not assigned on duty in the cabin can spend rest hour, or from 10:15 p.m.-12:30 a.m., or in the staff lounge.

What do staff members do on their day off?

Typically, staff spend their time with friends going out to eat at local restaurants, going to the movies, or exploring the charming town of Nisswa. Occasionally, staff go down to Minneapolis to catch a Minnesota Twins game, visit Valleyfair Amusement Park, or go to the Mall of America (the second-largest mall in the US). The Minnesota Northwoods are a beautiful recreation area, and many staff choose to explore, camp, hike, and adventure the surrounding area. Duluth and Lake Superior are approximately 2 hours East of the camps, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is around 3.5 hours away. Camp provides a shuttle service to the local town for staff members on their time off.

If I have a wedding, family reunion, etc during the summer, will I be able to attend it?

We do our best to accommodate important family plans, as we know how important family can be. During your interview, please mention your family plans and ask if it will be possible to move some of your time off around in order to attend. We really do want to help you make your event, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to alter your time off schedule.

What is the staff electronics policy?

We are an “unplugged” camp, and our aim is to provide a summer experience away from screens for our campers. Staff may keep their phones in a locker in designated staff-only areas and can use them on their time off. Computers can be brought into the cabins, however, there is no internet access. Also, we ask that any smart watches that have wifi/bluetooth capabilities not be worn while on camp.

Will I have time for myself throughout the day?

We understand how important it is to have rest time for your mental and physical health. Every week each staff member will get a full 24hrs off. You are able to spend this time on or off camp. During a regular day, for those not on duty, you will be able to have time off over rest hour and then again for an afternoon free swim. At night, staff that are not on duty will have time off from 10:15-12:30.

How will being a camp counselor help me later in my professional life?

You will gain many skills while working at camp to aid you in the rest of your life. Some of these include leadership and communication skills. Every day you will have the opportunity to lead groups of campers and counselors while also facilitating meaningful conversations. When you work at camp, you become part of a large and amazing alumni network. People from all over the United States and World are part of our camp community which will no doubt help you expand your professional network.

As a past camper and Counselor - I knew that Camp Lincoln was the ONLY camp I wanted to send my kiddo to when he was old enough to attend camp.