Upgrades in 2018


There are quite a few projects underway at camp. The Camp Lake Hubert LTs can expect a little surprise, and Camp Lincoln is getting a pretty sweet upgrade on the Athletic Field. See our list below and stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram to see live updates as they happen.

Camp LincolnCamp Lincoln Kingfisher Cabin

Kingfisher is being updated to include a bathroom, covered porch, and modern chalet design.
Apache is getting a major makeover including an all new bathroom design.


Camp Lake Hubert

The sailing shed has been remodeled and a new two-story shed for sailing and waterskiing stands in its place.
The Leadership Training campers (LTs) have a remodeled shower house with more showers than before.

Camp Lake Hubert Sailing Shed  Camp Lake Hubert LT Shower House


Here comes the big one!….Camp Lincoln Rec Center

Plans are underway for a brand new Rec Center on the Athletic Field.
Complete with a large indoor gymnasium and an updated weight room.



And last but not least…

One new change that is pretty hard to miss is our new website! Take a look at our brand new site and see our color photos, videos, and camp countdown on the homepage.




We hope to see you this coming summer. If you have not enrolled yet, please click here to get started.