Why We Come To Family Camp

Nan (Sant) Meyerdirk

Year after year, our Alumni choose to bring their families to Family Camp. Not only to revisit a place that is near and dear to their hearts, but to witness the immense growth and character building of their children and grandchildren, and to see the magic of camp through their eyes. Nan (Sant) Meyerdirk is one of those Alumni. Learn why the Meyerdirk’s choose to bring their family time and time again.


I arrived at Camp Lake Hubert for the first time 56 summers ago.  I made my bed in Happy Hollow with camp sheets and blankets and arranged my things in my cubby and greenstand.   That summer was the beginning of my relationship with a place that I grew to deeply love.  Through the years, I lived in almost every cabin, graduated from the Leadership Training (LT) Program (then called CIT for Counselor In Training), became a counselor and later became an Assistant Director under Jenny Tricker and Bill Jones when our four children (Pete, Tyler, Libby, and Johnny) were campers/staff at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.  Our first of 11 summers at Family Camp was in 1988.  My husband Mark and I loved this special week with our kids, who looked forward to it more than any other family vacation we ever took during those years.


In 2007, we returned to Family Camp with our adult children, a spouse, and a fiancée for a camp reunion with dear friends that we had met at Family Camp in 1989.  CFAB-Camp Friends Are Best as the saying goes!  That summer, I had the vision of returning with grandchildren someday.  This summer was the third year we have enjoyed a truly wonderful experience at Family Camp with our four oldest grandsons, Wheeler (9), Tate (7), Teddy (6), and Henry (4).  Many things about camp never change – the cry of the loons, the spectacular sunrises, the beauty of campfires, the clanging of the sailboat halyards, the smell of the pines, the sound of children laughing, the dining room filled with singing, and the importance of rest hour, especially for grandparents in charge of four young boys!

Our grandsons have learned to walk back to our cabin in the dark without a flashlight and have crept out onto the sailing dock at night to marvel at the starry sky.  We have watched them take risks, learn new skills, and gain more self-confidence.  This summer, Wheels won a paddleboard award by doing a headstand on his floating board on Bass Lake, and he enjoyed sailing with his grandfather.  Both Tate and Teddy earned their Robin Hood awards in archery.  And we were amazed at Tate’s fearless climb to the top of the 90-foot climbing wall.  Teddy loved learning how to kayak and Henry had fun jumping off hay bales in the barn, feeding horses, and spending hours making sandcastles on Bass Beach.  All the boys begged us to wake them up at sunrise to jump into Lake Hubert so they could be members of the Polar Bear Club.  We had fun with other families, making candles, pottery, and friendship bracelets.  Each day was an adventure!  The boys watched John Heineman tell the story of the golden guerrilla at the Opening Campfire just as our children had done.  And we learned new camp songs that we sang all the way home to Kansas City.

The staff were outstanding!  The boys adored the counselors and Mark and I appreciated all of the attention they provided in teaching them skills at activities, new games at Mellow Time- a variety of games available at the end of the day- and during Free Swim, and magic tricks at our dining table.  As we tied the wish knots in our leather bracelets at Final Campfire, the boys were already wanting our assurance that we would be back at Family Camp next year.  Our grandsons have fallen in love with this place.  The decision by my grandfather to send me to camp 56 years ago has come full circle.


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Family Camp takes place at Camp Lake Hubert in august. You can enroll now by calling the Camp Office at 952-922-2545.